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Charles Monroe

"Bill also notes that the expected de-levering is not occurring if you include government debt." That's good, right? Because the Nobel Prize Winner(tm) sez gov't debt doesn't matter. Specifically, US gov't debt doesn't matter because we have the world's reserve currency and God is an 'mericuhn. And since we have the best weapons and military, who is going to challenge us? (I mean, look how quickly we dispatched those scruffy Talibans and Iraqi insurgents - mission accomplished!).

We need to stop being such a bunch of nervous nellies here. We've got 1000 years of oil in ND and at least that much Nat. Gas. We've got smart phones and smart cars and smart bombs and smart food. I heard global climate change is a myth. and Bisphenol-A (et. al.) and radiation is good for you.

So, just jam a botox needle in your forehead and smile for the camera.

All is well!

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