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I took an AI and a machine learning course a few years back. A fair amount of it was based on the failure of AI. What is intelligence and how can you model something you don't understand and are humans really intelligent (are they rational agents). We read of predictions and experiments with often humorous failures. It wasn't until the rise of Complexity Theory that we could see why they failed. Real solutions are so complex, that using computers that exist, they could never solve the problem in the time line of the Universe. Attempts to make algorithms find a solution using heuristics lead to varied results but mostly failures. The course ended up just being an advanced search algorithms course, a brief introduction of various logical systems, and Bayesian learning algorithms.
Since taking those courses, I have very little interest in AI beyond a form of advanced searches and simple learning. I snort at all AI predictions and get annoyed when people try to explain in wide eyed wonder how some DARPA project finished a race or something and how that means HAL 9000 is just around the corner. I get tired of explaining Complexity Theory and that computers that could solve these problems in polynomial time do not exist nor do we know even how they can be built. I just realized to most people computers are magic.

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