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xavier durant

Bradley Manning:



While we are at it, we might as well provide the proof for why we really had to fabricate all those lies for going into Iraq (exploiting another country's resources is uncouth and really downright barbaric, don't you know!):

Dividing up the spoils of war:

"Documents leaked by WikiLeaks on Tuesday (19) prove once again that the "war" in Iraq was a big hoax - concocted by the capitalist powers and amplified by the corporate media. They show that the British government, in collusion with the U.S., discussed the sharing of oil from the invaded country a year before the invasion.


According to news published in the British newspaper, The Independent, the documents leaked by WikiLeaks show that plans to export the oil reserves of Iraq were discussed by British government ministers and major international oil principals a year before Britain accepted, along with the United States, the plan to invade Iraqi soil."

The newspaper notes that the serious denunciation of the existence of the prior plan had already happened in March 2003. At the time, both Shell and BP denied that they had been meeting in secret at Downing Street, home of the British government, to discuss the sharing of oil. The prime minister at the time, the doormat Tony Blair, called the allegations "completely absurd." Memoranda published in The Independent, dated October and November 2002, give details about the meetings. In one of them, five months before the invasion, Elizabeth Symons, Minister of Commerce, affirms to BP that the government wanted British energy companies to receive part of the enormous benefits of oil and gas in Iraq as a reward for the military aid given by Blair to the United States to change the Iraqi regime."


So we have to feed our population of automobiles and run our economy.... millions of swarthy foreigners be damned! This is why some have concluded long ago that our economic/political system is inhumane and they don't want to be a part of it. Feeling that it is hopeless to change the beast, they have opted out by becoming as self-sufficient as possible. The vast majority who are part of "the system" believe the MSM propaganda that is fed to them on a daily basis and are simply ignorant/uninterested as to what blogs like this reveal.


Oh and if we can commercialize war and profit of off the evil act itself, then that's all the better:

War profiteers escalate their war on jobs

The Link Between War and Big Finance

Coalition of the Billing: An interview with Jeremy Scahill


I am confused. I read in the past that the US was building a dozen or so large permanent military bases in Iraq. Was this untrue? Have these bases been abandoned? If not, then how can we say the war is over, or that the expenses have stopped? Why does no one talk about this?

Dave Cohen



Google is your friend. You should consider using it to clear up any confusion you might have.

-- Dave

Mike Roberts

In that link about the bases, Obama says, "The long war in Iraq will come to an end by the end of this year." So Obama is the arbiter of when a war ends or not. I guess he could have kept "the war" going in Iraq for as long as he wanted.


Thanks for bringing up these gruesome issues - propoganda being a key fact in war you never get the truth... based on a Lancet Study from July 2006, the number of Iraqi deaths is above 1 mil.



Dave, I have been enjoying your views since I learnt about Peak Oil in 2005. Lately your articles have become quite

noticeably more angry and bitter. I would rather you had a humerous and mocking spin on events, so here is my feeble

effort to try and help you develop that attitide...
Imagine it's 2000 years ago, Rome is off fucking over some inferior "country" on the outskirts of the empire. What

is different about that compared to USA v Iraq? Sweet FA. What has changed in 2000 years? Nothing. Humans are the

same as ever. Current events are normal. What is happenening is natural for Homo Sapiens. The strong doing war

against some weaker country.
Now imagine it's 1873...http://www.marketwatch.com/story/this-slump-wont-end-until-2031-2011-12-14?dist=countdown
Oh dear, it seems financial collapses aren't new either.
Everything happening today has happened many, many times during the past. It's actually completely normal. Yet you

are bitter about it, instead of mocking it as the same old bullshit that gets us nowhere.
This suggests to me you are a Utopian, wishing things would change to become "better", a species with no more War or

manmade economic disasters.
Neo-cons seek to create their version of Utopia by doing things like invading Iraq to bring them into line, i.e.

become USA worshipers. Cheney, Rumsfeld et al, had power and they used it to try and create Utopia. You have no

political power. So unless you are going to try and do it the hard way, like Jesus did, without political power,

maybe you should bury your Utopian ideals and just start laughing at how pathetic we are, still repeating the same

failed events of the ancient past!



how mocking the 'same old, same old' going to get us anywhere?

while i have not been following DOTE and Dave for that long I think he is entitled to any kind of emotion and feeling he wants to project in his posts

I think it is fundamentally inappropriate to even suggest to others what they should feel and do.

If we do not like something we can always do something different ourselves and see if we do things any better on owr own.

For example each of us can start our own blog.

Each of us can learn "the nature and course of human evolution as the evolution of deliberatively capable hominid".

Each of us can look up hard science behind human condition (evolutionary biology, anthropology, godel incompleteness theorems as they relate to language, and so on and so forth), and learn what is in line and not in line with the trends over _evolutionary_ horizon

then each of us will decide which feathers to wear and with what kind of birds to flock together

To each his own


How long before The War is fought on US soil?
How long before growing your own food, in your own garden, against the wishes of, say, Monsanto and it's bought-and-paid-for politicians, becomes an anti-patriotic/anti-consumerist act, an act of terrorism, even?

Dave Cohen


re: "This suggests to me you are a Utopian, wishing things would change to become "better"

Perhaps you haven't read DOTE for very long.

I don't have Utopian bone in my body. I've spent half my time on this blog mocking humans, their optimism, and the inability of our species to change their behavior.

And it makes me wonder, Marco, if you are so confused about who I am and what my views are, what else you might be confused about.

BTW, the Iraq war demands some anger. When the Empire uses its awesome power to slaughter unarmed civilians, there is no way to write that up as satire.

And why wouldn't I be a little angry and bitter, being stuck on Planet Stupid with all these monkeys...

-- Dave


My use of google turned up a long list of US Iraq bases in Wikipedia. People who post here tend to be intelligent and your friends. Your responses frequently do not recognize this.

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