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I knew it! We're finally saved!! They said I was crazy for continuing to shop hard and belly laughing at sitcoms while the planet burned, but I knew the mothership was coming. Well, whose crazy now?

oh. nevermind.


Nothing describes the current state of modern industrial civilization better than; Self immolation just to keep yourself warm tonight.


Hm, aside from the multitude of other influences, I wonder whether hyper population growth has contributed to the decline of the middle class. At the height of US stability we were about 150 million? Now we're about twice that, and in under 30 years? Not only millions of jobs been offshored, millions of small farms consolidated into a few large operations, the [failed] attempt to replace production with a service economy, there are almost twice as many people striving for ever diminishing pieces of the pie...

Dave Cohen


I think there's little doubt you are right.

"twice as many people striving for ever diminishing shares of the pie..."

Absolutely right. The wealth and income pies grew in the last 30 years, but the share of the have-nots got smaller and smaller.

So it's combination of the two.

-- Dave


What I find funniest is that the number has been "debunked", pointing to the old figure of 1/3... As if 1/3 of people in America being poor or low income is no big deal.

I like the list of reasons given for hunger in cities, just for stating the obvious - "unemployment, followed by poverty, low wages, and high housing costs". To be honest I think the last one is solvable, but won't be solved. Lots of housing is unused or semi-abandoned, even in New York city:



$15,000 is a fortune to billions of people. It's aspirations that need to change.

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