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Another criteria that many American's have a difficult time with is severely overweight poor people. This of course would not apply to the people in the video as I think you most Americans understand, and worry about the transition from wealth to poverty. I myself understand the dynamics, but have a hard time internalizing them.

A criteria that would go in the other direction (being more inclusive) would be address location. People would probably accept someone as poor who had a box window ac unit, and tv, but could not afford to move out of the "projects". In fact I would say that safety of living location is probably near the top of many peoples list of criteria.

But anyone who has ever been "poor" knows that their are a whole lot of factors in the equation. Health issues will get some sympathy. But lifestyle choices certainly play a factor in it as well.

It is not a whole lot of fun scrimping and trying to work your way out of poverty while watching your neighbors live the lower end version of the consumer culture. So it is easy to see why some of the least sympathetic people to the poor are the poor, or near poor themselves. You can see the same dynamics in mortgage forgiveness is not only unpopular with the banks, but also all the people who are current on their mortgage or paid off.

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