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Dave, once again you cut right to the heart of it.
I don't watch 60 Minutes any more but tuned in to watch Abramoff.
I became almost as pissed off as when I watched this one last year:
"...you're hurting this country, Leslie..."
God I miss Cronkite & Reasoner & Sevareid & ...


I saw this news story the other day but didn't click on it for some odd reason, sort of like that feeling you get when you've glimpsed over the edge of a bottomless pit. If indeed the entire system is based on fraud, swindles, corruption, and getting over on everyone else, then nothing can save the human race, let alone the hard-working vestiges of the Middle Class. Collapse of Industrial Civilization is written in stone.


And Cenk Uygur has good commentary on this bottomless pit of corruption we call our political system:


Well, thank you for clearing up that mystery for me. I knew lobbyists controlled the government but I couldn't figure out exactly how.

Now here is one of the funniest videos of all time - Rep. Joe Walsh has a psychotic episode and makes it clear the utter contempt he has for voters!


Mike H

Is Rep. Joe Walsh and his ilk willing to include 'externalities' into the transaction costs of his (mythical) 'free market'? Also, is the corporate business class (finace, production, service) that he alludes to willing to pay the market price for the legal separation of management from ownership and the 'limited liabilty' that ensues? I think not. (I wonder what an insurance policy like that would cost?) Since governments create corporations, the corporate class must therefore control governments in order to insure their survival and maximize accumulation. What Walsh really champions is the domination of money. Walsh is little more than a mouthpiece for predators.

Bill Hicks

The other thing Leslie Stahl would never acknowledge is exactly what it is that most of that campaign cash gets SPENT on--namely teevee ads that greatly affect the bottom line of the network she works for. She HAS to get mad at Abramoff, to deflect attention from the fact that if the money ever was ever taken out of politics, her network would suffer financially and she might lose her job.


Ah, and in Europe.......13350 industrial lobbyists in Brussels versus 1650 from NGO's. Monkey's polishing the asses of other monkeys. These 13350 lobbyists are devided:

More then a third of them are linked to trade federations, another third are linked directly or indirectly to companies. The last thrird is largely composed of regional and national organisations. And guess what Wikipedia says:

>In the wake of the Abramoff scandal in Washington and the massive impact that this had on the lobbying scene in the United States, the rules for lobbying in the EU—which until now consist of only a non-binding code of conduct-—may also be tightened.<

Observe the MAY in this text. Now I wonder what the budgets would be for the NGO's in comparison to the rest of the lobbyists. I know I worked (as a environmental scientific advisor) for one of those NGO's nearly for free in the early ninetees.

Greetings, Ed

Links: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lobbying

An interesting Freinds of the Earth article about lobbying in Europe:


Dr. C

Leslie Stahl is and always has been clueless. Her cluelessness drips from every pore of her clueless frame. Go to your local "we have every video ever made" video rental store and dig up a copy of "House Of Games" with Lindsay Crouse & Joe Mantegna, watch the movie & then come back & watch this 60 Minutes video. No more need be said.

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