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Dr. C

Indeed, Taibbi's piece was beautifully stated. The whole article is a really good read, especially the way you seem to see his consciousness rising as he goes along, with the fuller implications of all the muckraking he's done for years -catalyzed by the OWS phenomenon- appearing to gel into the realization that it's game over (or should be) for the diabolical fantasy that Americans have hypnotized themselves with since the end of WWII at least. Taibbi doesn't quite connect all the dots in his text, but he connects enough of them that it's implicit that OWS is happening precisely because the gov't. & so much of the rest of America is completely corrupt. However, I think that the whole "I misunderstood but now I see it this way" approach is just a device to draw along his readers. I can't believe that he's been that blind.

Having said all that, bravo Dave!! for hammering on your major target in this post, the insider trading that the 535 unrepentant hypocrites in Washington D.C. allow themselves. No government or people that condones or tolerates this slimy, underhanded, despicable practice has anywhere to go but straight to hell.

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