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It was great how you threw Penn State in the middle of that line-up -- I got a kick out of that. All-in-all thanks for sussing out those numbers, very helpful and of course incisive on your part.

Funny thing about the lying, there's that old adage that sez something along the lines of:
"A lie gets half way around the world before the truth gets it boots on." Of course, in-the-end, not many will have taken the time to listen to the truth when it finally catches up to them, if they ever hear it at all. That's the upside for the liars and the lies they spew.

Oh, in mentioning Goldman Sachs, did you by chance read the front page story in yesterday's (11/12/11) NYT entitled Rich Subsidies Powering Solar and Wind Projects?

An excerpt: "The beneficiaries include financial firms like Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, conglomerates like General Electric, utilities like Exelon and NRG -- even Google." At taxpayer expense (pun intended).

There's a lot in this piece you could have a field day with.

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