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Great post Dave! Hard to find a real person living at the bottom of the birdcage with the rest of the garbage.

And so it goes:



I confess my ignorance. What do all those lobbyists do, exactly? If those millions don't include direct campaign contributions, what is all that money spent ON?


I admire those who speak truth to power (which is one reason I like your site, Dave). I have profound respect for Ms. Warren. OWS needs to endorse her as a write in candidate for president.


A "stealth neo-con agenda"?

This story has legs!


Dr. C

Re: "stealth neo-con agenda"

Sure as hell sounds like a "vast right-wing conspiracy" to me.


"OWS needs to endorse her as a write in candidate for president." First, she's got to endorse them in a more than perfunctory manner. Running for senate looks more and more like a multifaceted bad move on her part.



Thank you as usual for this site.
Off the subject but I would like to thank you also for the recent article concering Chris Hedges.
I was not familiar with him at that time but have become a big fan of his.
Not that I don't still love you but thanks for introducing me to Hedges.
Keep up the great work.

Your Friend

teri schooley

I think we have all misjudged Elizabeth Warren to some extent. She understands finances and truly seems to get the disparity in wealth in this country and issues related to regulations, TBTF, etc. I haven't read much about her on other topics, however; mostly because she has not been asked about anything beyond finance until now. With her announcement that she is running for the Senate, we are just now beginning to see her views on other matters. Some of her opinions on international affairs lean to the neocon side of things, much to my great disappointment. For example, she said yesterday that she thinks we should take action against Iran. (Over the most idiotic of false flag ops ever presented outside of a comedy movie? Yes, yes, that is exactly the provocation she has fallen for, sorry to say.) She then burbled on about how the government's primary job is to protect us.
I gather that as smart and appealing she is otherwise, she has still not identified war spending as one of our financial problems, and is apparently a hawk on foreign matters. It appears doubtful, given her remarks, that she could be counted on to reduce Pentagon spending or use her (potential) Senate vote to help bring an end to our insane policies of bombing the crap out of countries we want to exploit/ruin/bring to heel.
Here's a short article which includes her statements WRT Iran.


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