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Robert A. Hall

Hatches? Who can afford hatches? I will link to this from my Old Jarhead blog.

Robert A. Hall
Author: The Coming Collapse of the American Republic
(All royalties go to a charity to help wounded veterans)



The existing paradigm/episteme cannot solve problems because its master solution is to reignite perpetual growth so that the current distribution of wealth, status and power -and corruption- remains intact. Peak oil has changed things and so will/is a host of other ecological dilemmas as we hit the limits to growth. New jobs can come from designing a "Small Is Beautiful" society -if this is still possible without a die-back.

Steve T

Here in the UK, someone else agrees with you that the great bust started around 1980, but coming from a different angle.



And even so; our idiot government STILL spending like it's water and not saving any of it for what is coming! They are so inept and disgusting that I cannot even state how I really feel about the lax, un-America happenings of WA. They could care less because they think they are set for life...HA...their money is subject to loss too...or are they too stupid to figure that out either......?



Absolutely right. The elites are struggling to find a way to keep the status quo going. So, they will solve a leverage problem with more leverage etc., kicking the can down the road.


The "elites" answer to a poor economy:



Hmzzzz, the Dutch economy is not growing anymore and is stagnant and possibly contracting as well. What the OWS protesters understand is that the end of the western civilisation is comming soon. This will lead to the "World made by hand" scenario of James Howard Kunstler sooner than later.

Therefore we need to awaken to its approach by:

a: renounce credit what so ever (even student loans) since credit is the tool that enslaves us (I know firsthand).

b: renounce consuption that is not an absolute nescessaty. Repair if broken, if not repairable replace, if not broken do not replace. Demand repair and or upgrade possibilities.

c: reduce your working hours if possible since working less hours empowers others and reduces the total amount of economy we need.

d: be self reliant since selfreliance reduces your need for economy, grow your own food if possible and invest in localised energy production.

e: renounce the use of fossil fuels since fossil fuels enslave.

f: renounce the car, demand public transport and curbe the need for transport alltogether by working from home (more or total).

g: buy local and buy on main street if possible, buy not if not possible, renounce the market chains if possible.

h: buy secondhand (through the web if needed), since that reduces the economy and ups the value of produce by reducing depreceation thus returning capital to the consumers.

i: don't be fooled by pension plans non of us under the age of 50 are going to see any of that money back since the wellbeing of pensionfunds is under threat from the retirement wave of the babyboomers combined with the contraction of the economy as a whole. Save your own money and pray. If you save, save at a "green" bank, like the Dutch Triodos bank.

Since 2007 I stick to these rules (except the savings part see a:). Hope to achieve financial, moral and economical indepence by 2015 (earlier if possible). I will then have cut my salary by 75%, my spending by 80% and my indeptness by 100% (beybey Visa:-) accomplished last may). So let the bad times roll, we the 99People are ready to do battle with the 1Percenters and on their own battleground, the economy itself. Not by protesting with our voices (only getting arrested) but with our mightiest weapon our wallets.

Greetings, Ed


Ed, you forgot: don't own any stocks and make sure your retirement money is not invested in stocks. The entire market is a gambling casino and only the house wins.

When I read that 50-75% of all stock trading, here and in Europe, is flash trading, you know the end is near. Also, gambling in commodities results in starvation and death for poorer countries, yet all the financial websites tell you this is a great way to make money. So there is no way I'd give these soulless thieves my cash.


Sharonsj off course.......blush :-). And no funds either. These empties out the pockets of the Dutch with fraudulous and semi-fraudulous so called "woekerpolissen". According to a commercial on Dutch TV (by a so called new investment bank but eh.....well they have a new name but wether they are entirelly new....) 7.000.000 Dutch including moi, owned such a fund, in which costs went for the bennefits and transactioncosts were so high they almost obliterated the stock market profets (excepts for the bankers of course). Jeps, I have been taken to the cleaners for about 8 x 12 x 100 - 4800 = 4800 a real sound investment and I sold my fund (as I sold my house) in 2006 since I saw problems lurcking in the background by then, and decided to rent instead of own.

j: don't own stocks, bonds, options, derivatives, CDO and CDS's and certainly no funds.

k: don't own a house as an investment but as a commodity, so if you are happy renting think of the bennifits before being blinded by speculative price developments, now when push came to shove and a burnout got me unemployed and I decided it was time to rearrange my life I could stop renting expensively and start living cheaply (and healthy).

Greetings, Ed

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