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We never got out of the first Recession. I would argue that we are actually in a Depression, but I'm not an economist/statistician/astrologer, so wtf do I know?

I live in a small Southern town. I lost my job in June, when the Blockbuster video franchise I managed a store for shut down. Didn't matter that our store was doing well, the franchise as a whole was hemorraging money. Now I've been out of work two months, and with 30 applications out there, I've had no calls and only one interview. As a 40-year old college graduate with 9 years at my last job, I am looking at going to work at Burger King or Popeye's Chicken, and other fast-food restaurants, the only employers actively seeking new hires. Even Wal-Mart and Sanderson Farms are under a hiring freeze.

I voted for Obama. I wish I could take it back, though it would not matter. I still can't believe I fell for his rhetoric. I guess 8 years of a Bush presidency will do that.

Dave, you may want to consider making posting the Carlin video ("It's a big club, and you ain't in it.") a weekly feature. Few others in our society have ever put our current state of affairs so succinctly.

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