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Bill Hicks

"In America, who can you trust? And the right answer is: Nobody."

I say a version of this almost every day to the people around me in meat space, and am usually met with uncomprehending looks. Despite the obvious corruption that is pervasive all throughout the system, they largely maintain their faith in it. Sadly, most will likely keep that faith until the whole system comes crashing down around them.

Dr. C

I've been sure I couldn't trust anybody in America -anybody official anyway- since I knew that the government lied about the Gulf of Tonkin "incident". I was just 20 at the time and had already been drafted into Uncle Sam's army during the war that was started on the basis of that lie. At that time that particular lie had already been maintained for seven years.

Then a little later I read a book by John Toland that explained how the government had lied about what it knew just prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor by the japanese in 1941, that it really hadn't been all that much of a "surprise sneak attack".

And shortly after that, I learned how the same principals involved in letting the Pearl Harbor job happen (Roosevelt & Churchill), had previously conspired to get the Lusitania conveniently torpedoed by the Germans off the coast of Ireland, allowing an enraged US public to think that it was an "innocent" unarmed civilian vessel and manipulating it into WWI. The Lusitania was to carry war material making it a legitimate target, the Germans knew it, --and warned the public in the US against sailing on her with advertisements in NYC newspapers, but Washington & London needed an excuse for America to get into the war. The Lusitania and her 1195 dead were expendable and served the purpose well, as were the personnel & ships at Pearl (although they hadn't expected the Japanese to be quite so effective).

I know there is controversy (manufactured, IMO) over events leading up to Pearl Harbor and the Lusitania sinking, but where Washington is involved, you can be sure where's there's smoke, there's fire. You haven't been able to trust anybody in America since at least 1917. And really it goes back further than that: the sinking of the Maine in Havana harbor was another put-up job to justify going to war against Spain in 1898.


Dr. C.

I just heard this, newly realeased LBJ tapes:



Dr. C,
More recent fabrications are the WMD/Al-Qaeda storyline with Iraq, the chimerical 'War on Terror', and a host of other propaganda too numerous to list. If one were to follow the trail of destruction caused by 'blowback' to its source, we'd find the military industrial complex and the corporatocracy as the real inception of our problems in the world.
There is a basis in fact to the term "The Great Satan".

step back

who can you trust?

Apparently, the Fed Reserve
to hide the truth, the whole truth, and then sum:


"... figures obtained under the Freedom of Information Act by Bloomberg News show that the nation's central banker issued loans to more than 300 institutions between August 2007 and April 2010, including over 100 loans of $1 billion or more."

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