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Distant Observer

Ah, for once I must tell you you're wrong and singing the song of those you so well criticize. Let's begin with this tidbit:

"For humankind, environmental concerns are a luxury they can afford when the economy is doing well."

Except when the economy is doing well, they say addressing environmental issue would slow and hurt the economy so we can't deal with it then, either. In short, the environment is a "luxury we can't afford", period.

Then you inform us, "There's at least 1.6°C of warming in the pipeline, so to speak, and to halt any increases in atmospheric CO2, or limit them to 430 ppmv (to pick a target), humanity would have to tear down industrial civilization."

Guess what ecological collapse will do? And it won't limit itself to industrial civilization.

The great failure of the self-professed intelligent species is the inability to recognize real wealth. We confuse the abstract, represented by numbers and bits of data as being wealth, when, in fact, all wealth, from the very essential piece of property we all own, as recognized by John Locke, ouer very bodies, comes from the Earth. Our skin, hair, muscle, food, water, air, clothes, homes, cars, roads, etc, etc, etc ... is all dependent on a functioning and sustainable biosphere. Separating economy from ecology is the stupidest, most ignorant, and ultimately suicidal achievement of the self=professed intelligent species.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the collapse.

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