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Well, a lot of people are concerned that if default were to occur, there would be a huge and serious economic blow-out, and there is reportedly a substantial number of Republicans (the Tea Party freshman) who are making noises that they won't vote to raise the debt-ceiling no matter what sort of deal is brokered. I take it you think this is just "Sound and Fury"?

I tend to think that if the debt-ceiling isn't raised and the danger of this economic blow-out is real (which I tend to think it is), then the people who truly own this country will tell Obama he had better raise the debt-ceiling on his own. 1) That debt-ceiling law was only passed in the last 100 years, so it is hardly historically sacrosanct and 2) we have been moving ever since the end of World War II towards being an executive-branch quasi-dictatorship, so it's not as if one more major step in that direction would be some big huge deal. Though of course the Tea Party would scream bloody-murder and maybe even pull off some very pathetically ineffectual acts of petty terrorism.

Don't worry, I have no illusions that anybody at that elite negotiating table represents me. I gave up on that illusion three years ago. (Yes, kind of late, I know.) But even though I try not to get worked up about these political *kabuki* shows, the idea that a government debt-default might have consequences dire enough to spill over immediately into my little world does make me squirm at least a little bit. Maybe it shouldn't, but there it is, I guess.

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