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Bill Hicks

Great Fourth of July post, Dave. As I noted on my blog, a recent Marist poll found that nearly 70% of American adults under age 30 could not identify 1776 as the year America declared it's independence--less than half of the number of middle-aged adults who could.

The only thing you can conclude from such a dramatic increase in ignorance of such a basic fact of American history is that, as George Carlin tried to warn us, the education system is being deliberately dumbed down by the owners of this country so they can do whatever they please with little objection from the masses.

Tony Weddle

I wouldn't place too much importance on a date, Bill. The event is important, certainly, but I've never been able to remember dates.

Just about the only dates I can remember are the birth dates of me and my family, and that incident in 2001 which resulted in such a disproportionate response (which should be plastered on giant posters - were 3,000 murders good reasons to send 6,000 soldiers, and at least 219,000 others to their deaths?). Mind you, I seem to remember a poll, within the last couple of years, which found that a good proportion of Americans (maybe half?) couldn't remember the date of "9/11".

Bill Hicks

Tony - I should have added that the number was less than HALF the percentage of middle-age adults who knew the correct answer. When you add that fact, it takes on a much darker meaning.


One year after the shootings at Kent State comedian Dick Gregory gave a presentation at the university. I've included a link below to the third part of the talk. It's relevant for this day, July 4th, and also for much of what Dave presents here at DOTE.

If you listen closely you'll hear a woman in the audience ask Mr. Gregory "Can't you say one good thing about america, just one thing."

I could imagine Dave catches some similar inane refrains resulting from his scathing insightful posts on how and why the beast is in decline.

Nonetheless if you have the time listen to Part 3 "Can't You Say Just One Good Thing" by clicking here:

If it piques your interest all the segments are available there at youtube. Enjoy, and spread it around like a disease :-).

Edward Boyle

„Only the Shadow knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men“

Jesus said “Love your neighbour as yourself”. This was the beginning of the end of corrupt Rome and the start of fairness for the poor of the empire. The birth of the church. The spirit of Judaism for the masses so to speak, denying the letter of the law of the Pharisees, essentially corrupt self interest out of originally created laws made to allow fairness between people (instead of revenge justice). King David’s “God made Sabbath for man and not man for the Sabbath” came through Christianity to become the huge religion of today. The spirit of Judaism(rational fairness) lefts its clan, its racial origins.

Fairness is the Rowling’s Patronus/light of the soul and Jung’s shadow/Rowling’s dementor is self interest/ignorance

Jesus words deteriorated into selling indulgences for the pope’s money coffers in Rome. His ideals were corrupted by Jung’s Shadow of human interest but Martin Luther put a stop to that at Worms in Germany. He was just as enraged as Dave is. He was educated and read the Bible himself. This (people reading the Bible and writing up their opinions about that and other things) was the beginning of the European religious civil wars and nationalism ending in the “age of enlightenment” and the movement towards rationalism and human rights exemplified in “The Declaration of Independence” which so inspired the French revolutionaries. Rational fairness became irreligious and universal for all regardless of belief. Birth as (white male) human was enough.

This national holy document Dave quotes above is now just so much toilet paper to the corrupt imperial masters, so-called representatives of the people, who now so exemplify the British(German) throne of the 1770s(and the Pharisees and their Roman masters and the Catholic church of the 1500s). They are corrupt. The dementor of self interest has sucked out their soul.

This self interest is also part of the real downfall of the enlightenment which denies the natural world any right to fairness. Its basis is a blind acceptance of all people in western civilization to the bible’s first chapters giving Adam reign over nature. We must extend the “human” rights to the natural world of which our so-called economy is a subset. This is the current most pressing issue. Only balance with (fairness to) nature will save a remnant of our species. Balance is give and take. Love. Love your neighbour as you love yourself. “But who is my neighbour”. Jesus follows up with the tale of the good Samaritan( ss we all know a half breed outcast tribe of Jews unaccepted by the Pharisees and decent Jewry to whom Jesus was speaking) To an upstanding person of today you could say that a pimp/drug dealer showed he had a heart and saved his fellow man from certain death. Will we do that for nature? Only if we see our own shadow like a true criminal knows his own intimately and not like a decent citizen does not. Certainly the empire is doomed as the Masters( Citizens in Good standing without a true conscience or soul) have taken over as in Rome. The Internet is the modern equivalent of Gutenberg’s printing press which started the enlightenment rolling. The bloggers are “The Voice in the Wilderness” of John the Baptist. Can we save the world or start the Arab Spring or a new enlightenment or global religion as in times so far past? Do we have the imagination or will?

Only the Shadow Knows.

Tony Weddle

I understand, Bill, but I'd be more worried if they didn't even know the event took place. Remembering the actual year doesn't seem to be that important to me. But that's just me.

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