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I do get tired of hearing the people on NPR and elsewhere discuss the 'paradigm shift' which always flies in the face of ecological realities. There was a nobel prize winning economist on Charlie Rose's show recently--with a straight face discussing the implication of China's economy being double its current size within another 10-15 years. This is the type of idiocy from 'smart' people that just drives me crazy. As if China can somehow double its economic production, during the end of cheap energy, and without further ecological destruction. I think they are going to struggle just to feed their population and keep the lights on this decade in many places, they can't reasonably build 100's of coal plants and enough Nuke plants to even keep things 'growing'.

Growth in the industrial world, often is synonymous with ecological destruction. As long as people are wed to the mass delusion, and trying to sustain this delusion, denial and the lies will continue. The only technology that in theory could provide the end to resource constraints would be highly advanced nanotech, where we program nanobots to turn garbage into whatever we want. Technology as it stands now, continues to be both a salvation to some, and tyranny and nearly a guarantee of increased unemployment. Machines ultimately remove more jobs than they create, and of course they have allowed 'outsourcing' to the cheapest labor pools, or the most desperate kleptocracies.

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