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TV business news this morning said there is NO consumer spending. Gee, isn't 70% of our economy dependent on consumer spending? I guess that's another fact that escaped Congress's notice. They're too busy fighting over gay marriage and Planned Parenthood--or trying to strip mine the Grand Canyon--to care about unemployment.

Time to throw most of them out. And folks, next time, please do not elect any more insane, ignorant religious fanatics. (Wisconsin, don't you know that Michelle Bachmann rails against government spending while she and her entire family have taken government money for years?)


Here's an indication of the Decline of the Empire:


"Doctors at a major Boston hospital report they are seeing more hungry and dangerously thin young children in the emergency room than at any time in more than a decade of surveying families.

Many families are unable to afford enough healthy food to feed their children, say the Boston Medical Center doctors. The resulting chronic hunger threatens to leave scores of infants and toddlers with lasting learning and developmental problems.

Before the economy soured in 2007, 12 percent of youngsters age 3 and under whose families were randomly surveyed in the hospital’s emergency department were significantly underweight. In 2010, that percentage jumped to 18 percent, and the tide does not appear to be abating, said Dr. Megan Sandel, an associate professor of pediatrics and public health at BMC.

“Food is costing more, and dollars don’t stretch as far,’’ Sandel said. “It’s hard to maintain a diet that is healthy.’’

The emergency room survey found a similarly striking increase in the percentage of families with children who reported they did not have enough food each month, from 18 percent in 2007 to 28 percent in 2010.

Pediatricians at hospitals in four other cities - Baltimore; Little Rock, Ark.; Minneapolis; and Philadelphia - also reported increases in the ranks of malnourished, hungry youngsters in their emergency rooms since 2008. But Boston’s increases were more dramatic, said Sandel, a lead investigator with Children’s HealthWatch, a network of researchers who track children’s health. Researchers said higher housing and heating costs in Massachusetts probably exacerbated the state’s surge.

BMC has also seen a 58 percent increase, from 24 in 2005 to 38 in 2010, in the number of severely underweight babies under the age of 1 who were referred by family physicians to its Grow Clinic, where doctors provide intensive nutritional, medical, and other services to boost babies’ growth. Such malnourishment is similar to what is more typically seen in developing countries, Sandel said...."

Ian Fraser

Maybe it doesn't matter, and maybe you know already, but the Dylan embedded YouTube doesn't work on iPad. I don't why so I can't suggest a solution. If you've got time you might like to see if there is a way to sort this out.

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