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Tony Weddle

Oh, George Carlin, why did you die before I knew you existed? Keep posting these clips, Dave.

He gets everything spot on. But the amazing thing is that he's lambasting each and every single member of his audience, who actually paid to come and be verbally assaulted. They cheered and laughed but I doubt any of them went home and did anything differently, or even realised that George was talking about them.

The "proud to be ...." point was well made. I've been trying to make that point for years but no-one listens. And "god bless america", well, don't get me started on that.


I have to admit some self-doubt occassionally, so its great to hear Carlin. Dave I too think of your posts as a body of work, a work documenting stuff that will go down the rabbit hole any time now.

My self-doubt though lingers...friends and family, despite being wide eyed by some of the environmental stuff and economic stuff, are unaffected. Then I read today in the NY Times of "Race to the Moon Heats Up for Private Firms". When people read stuff like this on the front page of NYT all else goes overboard, then there is no environmental issue no energy issue, just new ground for cool technology - we are all ok!

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