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Edward Boyle

I read the book "The End of the Line"(2004) by Charles Clover on just this topic of overfishing a few years ago and became quite depressed, wishing human extinction as the better result. Since then I avoid this and similar topics knowing I can't do anything about personally.

To me it is like watching those programs about starving children somewhere or documentaries about the holocaust. I can't deal with it and turn off to avoid shock or cynical burnout. At this point in our existence we are all so helpless just to get by, in terms of jobs, personal future, etc. that trying to save the planet against these evil corporations (including corrupt and stupid fisheries) is another one of many impossibilites thrown at our doorstep. The whales survived because petroleum was found to replace their oil. When petroleum is gone then automatic fishing at high seas and computer sonar fishing will be gone. Back to hand fishing with hand made nets near shore. Let us pray that oil depletes soon, very soon, for the sake of all unborn generations, human or otherwise as the potential of this planet in terms of life is likely unique and very high if one animal had not disturbed the balance so completely in its own favour.

I suppose the planet humans leave behind will be ideally suited to some sort of huge insects preying on one another through a desert earth and living undeground in the daytime. With luck maybe a virulent virus will kill off most humans and modern civilization. There is so little time and the civilizational structure now existing is taking the earth's biosphere down with it. Rome and Greece denuded previously forested landscapes but left a nicely landscaped mediterranean culture. Northern Europe was denuded of forests and most wild animals over the next thousand years by adaptation of agriculture and population growth. Previous cultures in China, etc. civilized the lands but left them livable. current civilizations is eliminating water tables by overpumping with diesel pumps, topsoils through modern unsustainable agriculture, emptying the oceans entirely(not to mention acidifying them) and making earth into an oven rather quickly so that life itself for noninsect life will likely be impossible.

We know how when mammals started on earth they were nocturnal mice, hiding from dinosaurs. Then came mammoths and other huge anmals. When the insects have no competitors they will get huge. We need scientific studies on how the earth will look in 200 years and what its inhabitants will be like after some tens of thousands of years of evolution.

I hope I am not being too hopeful here for your taste. Perhaps earth will become entirely uninhabitable and my dream of a pleasant future for some other life form will be unwarranted. Then my hopes of being reincarnated some day as a giant cockroach so that I could finally escape the wheel of life through my own effort of "being good" would be disappointed and I would have to go straight to some sort of heaven/hell/purgatory for evil creatures who went extinct(i.e. humans).I suppose the dinosaurs for that matter have their own spritual wasteland somewhere.

People say that they have gone from the warning to the preparatory stage as so much warming is "baked into the cake". Can we just accept that mammal dominance( due to total extinction of all warm blooders and birds) is over as humanity "got lucky" and found fossil fuels? It shows how useless our intelligence really is if we just use it for selfless short term gain.

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