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Edward Boyle

But why aren't ten thousands protesting in D.C. and NYC just like in Athens? How long till the revolution? Are people so filled up with iShit they don't notice that they're broke and in debt up to their eyeballs? The Tea Party movement seemed to be something of that sort of people's rebellion but obsessed with Obama's race and religion and birth place and spending for poor people. Military spending seems to be ok. The only common issue between right and left is anger at banks. I think revolution will be easier in Europe due to the more homogenous population. It's too easy to feed on latent racism and regional differences to divide and conquer people in USA even though all the people in cities and burbs and countryside are just as broke and all due to the same motherfucker bankers and economists and stockbrokers, etc. I could practically predict a war between blue and red America where the banksters give weapons loans to both sides and just get richer while the whole country goes up in smoke. Afterwards whoever wins would be financed by the banksters. Of course Madison Avenue would be used by the banksters to convince both sides how much they should hate each other and how the banksters are not at fault for anything.

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