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Lucas Wheeler

Dave great as always. But, may I make a suggestion? Why not follow the lead of Dave Foreman in his wonderful new work on human population "Man Swarm and the Killing of Wildlife" -- stop using the term "The Sixth Mass Extinction". Let us all from now on call it what it is: "The First Mass Murder of Life on the Planet". The other "mass extinctions" were the result of inanimate forces of nature -- asteroids, volcanism what have you. This time it is different. This time one form of life is deliberately killing off mass numbers of other lifeforms for it's own shortsighted self-interest. I honestly do not know if humans or "we" meaning "Industrial Society" will survive the slaughter. What I do know is that Prof. Eileen Crist was right when she stated "... it is not our survival and well-being that are primarily on the line, but everybody else's".

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