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Sitting here in an Old West mining town, looking out over a valley with bright sunshine and a good breeze moving through the fir trees, I think I'll turn off the computer and go for a walk with my beagle. Thanks DOTE.


A great post. One of your best ever (at least the ones I have read).

I think we all know how much TV governs us. It is everywhere. When I reflect on what has happened in the last 50 years, I think about the lack of serious discussion of any social issue. I used to think Americans were basically a decent people. Willing to help others, concerned about justice and freedom.

Now I wonder. I see the hatred spread by politicians and bloggers in particular. We are now all children fighting over the biggest cookie for out own consumption.

I think I will take my shitzu on a walk on the beach.

Morocco Bama

I'm not taking any pill.....I don't like pills.


I have this on the wall by my desk, my creation of years ago, and it says a lot, about the so called “economic crisis” of now.
You, too, can have one. Here is how.
Take a blank sheet of paper.
Draw in it a box. Label inside the box: “Think inside the box. “
Then label the area outside around the margin: “Think outside the box.”
Now draw a small circle, encompassing some of the area inside and outside the box.
Shade it and draw an arrow pointing at it.
Write along this arrow: “Do not think here.”
This circle was created in recent decades, and has been expanded since.
This is why we are where we are today.

Dennis McCaffrey

Dave, Thank you for referencing Joe Bageant, a cogent commentator and thinker who left us too soon.


By coincidence, ran across this today. Seems apropos:




I really appreciate the work you put into this blog. There are some days that really seem to wrap up the analysis you do on a daily basis that doesn't get as many comments. Thank you!

As for today's blog, it reminds me of the reason I return to your DOTE posts: to give like minded folk a place to discuss and reflect on what we know is happening while the rest of the planet (I mean US) indulges in delusions (on the collapse side and on the don't worry everything's fine side).


Yes, good post Dave. First rate.


Yesterday I thought of DOTE when I was trapped in the car and forced to listen to this interview on WNYC with Michael Spence, Nobel-winning economist. He just wrote a book and lately scurries all over the country on speaking engagements to promote it. Here's the official description:

"The Next Convergence is certain to spark a heated debate how best to move forward in the post-crisis period and reset the balance between national and international economic interests, and short-term fixes and long-term sustainability."

Two points give sufficient warning...

1. "post-crisis period"

OH. Are we POST-CRISIS now? I had the distinct impression we are PRE-CRISIS.

2. "long-term sustainability."


Leonard Lopate asks him (about 15 in), "What about technological innovation? We have been relying, in our country on that as the major driver of growth...is that sustainable?"

"Yes." and then later he explains how America has such a great educational system!

That listening to the entire interview will make you long for Paul Krugman. If you haven't already taken the red pill, take a valium before you listen. It will help you to stay calm.



If I heard right, Spence's mentor is Bob Solow, co-inventor of the Solow-Swan neo-classical growth model, who according to wiki said:

"If it is very easy to substitute other factors for natural resources, then there is, in principle, no problem. The world can, in effect, get along without natural resources."

Somebody please tell me this was snark.


First of all, let me know when we can get along without a natural resource like food. Will I be eating the dog instead of walking it?

There is no longer a consumer-based economy because we can't find a job or have a job that doesn't pay enough. The inflation that the government says doesn't exist eats up all our money. If there's anything left, we certainly aren't buying Chinese chotchkas. The idiot manufacturers who sent our jobs to China forgot they still need somebody to buy their products.

I don't know about you, but instead I'm stocking up on coffee, sugar, and everything else that will be affected by the global warming that doesn't exist.


Very well said. My thoughts exactly for the last twenty years. How has this farce lasted so long? Oh to consume, I confirm I exist.

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