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John D

It seems that half the public has meekly accepted our lot; the other half is still convinced that everything would be fixed if only the un-American (insert political party name here) would stop trying to derail our (insert other party name here) heroic efforts to save our country.



Considering I graduated HS in 2004, never went to college and have worked a desk job once or twice but mostly have delivered pizzas in sports cars my young life....

I would say I got my (now) hypocritical pleasure from the oil the empire stole for me. I would also say the car loan I got for my car was a better investment than the college loans my peers have to pay off working for Starbucks...

I have a bit of a chip on my shoulder about college, as my parents and my girl's parents, as well as friends, have derided me for not going since I can remember...

One day they'll figure out that just because you learned how to dance, and paid a lot of money for it, doesn't mean the music is still playing.


I think the other half, John, has a list of problems - but those problems are contrived or overstated...political bullshit.

I'd say 1 in 100 might have a real clue but that's total contrived bullshit, too.


BTW Dave I am sure you read this in that WSJ article:

"In the long run, the investment is probably worth it."


first comment on that article:

"Also, even in my public, state school, I spoke to several student aid officers who insisted that student loan debt was “safe” because it had “special protections” and I was “investing” in my future at a “low interest rate.” They never told me that I’d be almost 30 years old (my husband almost 40) and we’d probably never have the opportunity to own a home in our lives, let alone have children because our student loan payments are higher than our monthly income.

To be fair, I think we need to be realistic and just admit that the younger generation has been targeted by the big banks and the government who stand to make unthinkable amounts of money on this interest. Especially these private loan companies… what kind of a bank loans $20K+ YEARLY to a student going to school for a liberal arts degree?? Give up? A bank who has been given the cozy warm blanket of non-dischargability of debt by our government. We need to just call it like it is."


I find disconcerting to say the least that news about Fukushima et al out of Japan is not being covered, AND that the EPA has decided not to monitor it. http://www.enewspf.com/latest-news/science-a-environmental/24136-epa-halts-heightened-monitoring-of-fukushima-fallout.html

I suppose that in the long run, none of this economic/psuedo-political crap will even matter. I am waiting for the babies to be born next year. The level of birth defects worldwide will tell the story.


I'm old enough to have gone to a New York City college for very little money. Whatever happened to that system? Or are degrees from anything not Yale and Harvard worthless?

As for the phantom recovery, I hear that used car prices are skyrocketing. It's blamed on the fewer number of cars produced in the last years, on the Japanese earthquake, on the high price of gasoline. But I say it's because no one can afford to buy a new car.

By the way, the recovery is only for Wall Street and not for Main Street. In fact, things are getting worse. The media is just pretending the opposite is happening. Get ready for another financial blowup.


Brett said "One day they'll figure out that just because you learned how to dance, and paid a lot of money for it, doesn't mean the music is still playing."

Things will have to get pretty damn bad before that happens, though. I probably don't have to tell you never to underestimate the persistence and durability of middle-class ignorance-fantasies.

Gil Smart

Good piece. But nothing breaks the apathy - the apathy rises in tandem with the reports of bad news. Why has Fukushima disappeared from the news? Because we don't demand news about it. We don't want to know.

That's what kind of kills me. Americans have been beaten down, beaten down, and instead of rising up - we meekly submit to ever-more beatings.


Small risk adverse savers should buy silver. Anything they know they will need, and that has a long shelf life. For instance fill your fuel oil tank, buy canned goods, dried beans, Vitamin tablets and rice. Fill any jerry cans you have with fuel. Buy household goods like toilet paper, paper towels. Build up a supply of medications you take. Over the counter stuff like asprin, and such. Get a spare set of glasses. Get any dental work done you need. All these things will increase in price faster than 1% a year.

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