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Sad to learn of Gil Scott-Heron's death. A powerful poet, musician, and performer who gave voice to the frustration and hope of an era. While he rejected the "father of rap" title you can't deny his influence in crafting socially conscious spoken words with music. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised - is after all a compelling street narrative with a repeated hook structure over some beats. Agreed that The Revolution... and Winter in America seem even more relevant today. He eloquently expressed much struggle, injustice and hope in US society and it later seemed to weigh heavily on his own life - yet some recent performances showed the wit and humor of his awareness. His art was strong - may he rest in peace. And yes may his music not be co-opted by marketing to get our attention just long enough to try to sell us some other shit. Sadly that seems to be the basic utility of all music these days.

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