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Morocco Bama

I was a precursor to this bubble. I was forty when I finally paid mine off. Also, as you know, bankruptcy will not relieve you of this burden and they will garnish your wages, just as the IRS will for back taxes and tax penalties. So much for Government-backed student loans. All that means is that the Government will enforce the collection of the student loan debt via wage garnishment laws and laws refusing to forgive the debt via bankruptcy.

Yeah, this fucked up society eats it young, but I would go a step further and say it eats itself, because if it eats its young, it's not long for this world.......praise the Lord, because the sooner this Beast is put to rest, the better for the Universe(s).

Has anyone else gotten their Bank Of America credit card statement? The one where they tell you they have unilaterally and arbitrarily changed the terms of your credit card contract and will now charge you 29.99% interest if you are late on your payments? How is that a contract if one party can change the terms at will? Answer...it's not a contract in the legal sense, because if it was, it means that since one party to the contract is no longer abiding by the original agreement, then the contract should be considered legally null and void. How about we counter with our own changes to the contract, and tell BOA, and all the other credit card crooks playing this same game the mafia plays, to take their credit card and the balance and shove it where the sun doesn't shine. If enough of us did it, there is nothing they could do. The courts couldn't handle it.

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