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Michael Douglas Bosc

I posted this blog today http://bit.ly/dW2gXB then I spoke with Lilliput Review explaining that I take an interest in US politics as I have family there and blog about both US & UK politics. he suggested I read your blog then I replied with this:-

Having read this I notice everyone seems to have lost the obvious, the infrastructure is in ruins, rail tracks need updating so it can take the new high speed trains, the roads need relaying and more tankers, trucks etc need to be produced to move the oil thats stuck in Mid West America. There are no pipelines, and the bridges need re-building, all this would provide work for people, get the country moving and on the go again. If you dont invest in your own country why should anyone else? Lilliput suggested that I let you see this you might be interested you are welcome to fllow me on either facebook, twitter, or both. Kind regards

Michael Douglas Bosc (author)

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