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One thing comes to mind... terraform the Earth first.


I find it funny that they think we will need to migrate to the moon or to mars. Do they actually think we will make the earth less hospitable then those lifeless planets?
Even books like Eaarth are overly optimistic. The first half paints a grim picture of climate change, and the second paints a half picture of how we will fix our problems. It omits that we will have to ditch our current economic system, and what that will mean for the average person. Letting go of growth will mean letting go of most credit and debt...


Your thoughts on human nature have me running to reread "Lord of the Flies."

Meanwhile it is quite perplexing which of those films is more ridiculous!


I notice that in 2030 for some reason the AI powered car has an old Merlin handheld game mounted on the steering wheel; that some attempt at wit, filmakers? As in contrast to the pomposity of the rest, especially the soundtrack.

2nd clip is more on target; I've seen that one before, good yucks. The more accurate prognosticators have never painted a future as some glitzy utopia, and don't leave out the fact that so much of "progress" is quite mundane. These guys in Clip 1 aren't even bothering to think once about what they're forecasting; WWIII in 2031 followed the next fucking year by a manned Mars mission. Did they forget about what nuclear war entails?


The Astounding World of the Future .. made my day! To think that we'd live to see it all come true! Thanks, Dave ... great stuff! I'm sending the link to Jim Kunstler, with credit to you, if you don't mind, though he probably reads your site :)

Morocco Bama

Humanity will be but a tiny, insignificant blip in the history of planet earth, let alone the Universe. What ridiculous irrelevant egos humankind possesses to think it is something more than it ever was, or will be.

Tony Weddle

When you say "since hunter-gatherer times", do you mean all the time AFTER hunter-gatherer societies became the minority? From what I've read in recent years, hunter-gatherer societies were likely egalitarian and fought "wars" very rarely and hardly that well organised.

Tony Weddle

Yeah, it's funny that the first film sees countless wars leading up to world war three but at the same time development of all kinds of space technology that would require worldwide cooperation.

And, after world population "plateaus" at 9 billion, it eventually reaches 20 billion, even whilst the natural world that supports humans is being stripped away.


I think some of you above have missed the point of the video...clearly a video satire in the spirit of A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift.

The video juxtaposes back & forth between total environmental devastation, and a bright shining future of techno utopia. While half of humanity gets displaced & destroyed, the other half goes on to enjoy floating cities, unlimited resources from lunar mining, nuclear fusion, hypersonic trains, and trips to the stars.

Too subtle for some of you, but it was intended to mock the techno-optimists in futurist film-making.


DD: Poe's Law reigns supreme!

Morocco Bama

I think it's an example of the Singularity, once again, where satire and the reality satire is based off of, have now merged, and therefore are one and the same, thus rendering attempts at satire superfluous. Our world is a satire, and there is no sane reality to fall back on after we've had our laugh.


in the fifties, we were told the kitchen of the future would run itself with no hands...

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