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Thomas Kuhn observes that when scientific anomalies accumulate a paradigm goes into crisis because it can no longer deal with the problems it exists to address. Similarly, Joseph Taniter notes that society's exits to solve problems (it's always a case of whose problems are more important and how much others suffer to solve one class's problems). Our society is now in the crisis stage -it cannot solve the problems Dave points out here daily. Some are focused on what investments to hold -cash? gold?, etc- but this assumes the system holds and there will be folks willing to take money and gold for real goods. It's looking more and more like a rapid collapse could occur.


Dave, I know the economy is your thing, and I am in awe of your prodigious fury about the mismanagement that is causing the empire to decline. But at the risk of earning your famous ridicule, I feel I should point out that no matter what financial regulations might have been enacted and/or enforced, our society is doomed anyway. In fact our species is doomed, and we're going to take down a significant majority of other species with us.

Any economy, no matter how structured, how fair or exploitative, is dependent on essential resources from the ecosystem. And the ecosystem has been exploited to the point of collapse. That is really at the root of the unsolvable predicament we find ourselves in.

I don't know if there could have been any other outcome. Maybe it was always just a question not if, but when.

And when, is to all intents and purposes, now.


The video We Can't Make It Here Anymore, kinda ties in with today's post. Check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTW0y6kazWM

The tune is by James McMurtry. Disclaimer, I don't personally subscribe to ALL of the solutions visually posited at the end of the video — there MAY have been a time when some those actions were viable — not ANYMORE as far as I can see.

Not all is despair though, and there are alternatives as Dave succinctly pointed out: "This is why I have urged people to seek out other avenues, to seek out other modes of living."

The seeking out of other avenues is what is truly liberating — the more we move in these directions, individually and collectively, our decisions/actions become proactive, positive, and uplifting. The antithesis to the negative labels of doomers, defeatists, cynics etc. that are accorded realists by adherents in the dominant society — whose predilection I might add, tend to delusion, cornucopianism and a panglossian mindset.

As Good As It Gets spells out a system that has run itself asunder or as this Banksy graffiti piece states, it has...


...but for those who are paying close attention there is a future.


I know there will come a time in the near future when I can no longer treat my recently-diagnosed diabetes. A lot of people are going to be in that sinking boat with me. (Thanks, Archer Daniels Midland and high fructose corn syrup!) I just wonder if my immediately family will be able to accept that, because their heads have always been filled with ignorance-fantasies of middle-class entitlement. I take what comfort I can in the statistic that about 66% of all untreated diabetics die of myocardial infarctions (AKA heart attacks). The alternatives tend to be rather more unpalatable.

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