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We only need a little optimism on everyone's part, as it is sure to cure all our ills. America is great, we put 12 men on the moon, using a computer having less computing power than your cell phone. An accomplishment no other country has duplicated. America is great.

What impact is the rising price of gasoline having on you?

Very little impact 28%
Driving less 33%
Major economic burden 38%

See, the majority (62%) of American's wont be "burdened" by raising gas prices. Better days are here!

Now, everyone be a good American and sign up for some debt, your country needs you. You make less money than you did 20 years ago, no problem, spread the payments over a greater number of years.


Matt K

I'll admit I don't read the CBO report, but in it do they go into any detail on where the jobs would come from? What industry and why it would be growing? Anything besides a rosy future picture?

John D

Great analysis. I Have not read through the CBO report, but I have for the Presidents budget office. The thinking is similar in that they look at past recessions and recoveries and extrapolate to the future. Absolutely no concern for the concept of diminishing returns from 'growth' or the resources needed for growth.

I get in trouble for minor mistakes I make at my job. In government you can be off by several trillion dollars and nobody seems to care.


Has the "recovery" come to an end?

"U.S. oil hits $100 a barrel for the first time since October 2008."


"Stocks extend slide as oil nears $100"

"Oil surges 4% on growing Libya turmoil"

"Libya oil production grinding to a halt"

Interestingly enough, CNN Money was predicting gains and lower oil prices this morning, before trading began. Boy, do they need a new Magic 8-Ball.


For those praising the power of Facebook in overthrowing governments, they obviously haven't considered the consequences to their wallet or purse yet. The joys of power vacuums. Want to know the end result, cue up Iraq and Afghanistan.

Alexander Ač

As we know, CBO smokes Crack (Ilargi)...


The revenue forecast is indeed quite rosy, given how economic growth and the rebound of the stock market has not been leading to more jobs. As income continues to flow to the top tiniest percent of the nation, the need for spending on social services will only grow. These charts help vividly show, among other things, how we will not tax cut our way out of the problem.



The students are restless:


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