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"What frightening new revelations will the future bring?"

I can answer that! US government agencies KNOW that the level of background tropospheric ozone from fuel emissions is inexorably rising. They KNOW air pollution is toxic to people - it is driving the increasing incidence of epidemics of cancers, emphysema, and asthma, and is linked to autism, diabetes, and Alzheimer's. They KNOW that vegetation is even more sensitive to ozone than humans and that consequently trees are dying and crop yields are diminished by at least 10% (accepted science based on past numbers - the percentage is increasing).

All this is right on the websites of the Dept. of Ag, the Forestry Service, the EPA, The Park Service, and NASA.

What they won't tell anyone is how quickly this is going to lead to ecosystem collapse, and widespread crop failures, and famine...either because they want to avoid panic, or they're too stupid to understand the obvious implications.

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