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"What frightening new revelations will the future bring?"

I can answer that! US government agencies KNOW that the level of background tropospheric ozone from fuel emissions is inexorably rising. They KNOW air pollution is toxic to people - it is driving the increasing incidence of epidemics of cancers, emphysema, and asthma, and is linked to autism, diabetes, and Alzheimer's. They KNOW that vegetation is even more sensitive to ozone than humans and that consequently trees are dying and crop yields are diminished by at least 10% (accepted science based on past numbers - the percentage is increasing).

All this is right on the websites of the Dept. of Ag, the Forestry Service, the EPA, The Park Service, and NASA.

What they won't tell anyone is how quickly this is going to lead to ecosystem collapse, and widespread crop failures, and famine...either because they want to avoid panic, or they're too stupid to understand the obvious implications.

Tony Weddle

What's up with the WTI grade of oil? Actually, it's down. Now about $85 and at a $15 discount to Brent. Most other grades of oil are in the upper 90s, with several above $100 and several more over $99.

What we hear in the news, though, is that "oil is down", as though WTI is the only grade of oil that matters. Head in sand stuff.


Party Like it's 1999, forever

If that is true, there is nothing that can be done. Everyone is beyond broke, so who is going to pay for the alternatives? Our whole society is based on cheap fossil fuels. Remove cheap fossil fuels from the equation, there is no society.

As I have pointed out prior, here is what very few are willing to point out:

"Still, there's a gulf between what the politicians promise and what the engineers think is feasible. NREL director Dan Arvizu warns that the transformation must be driven by the private sector and will require trillions of dollars of investment over decades."


You want to see rioting in the streets of the US, start doubling energy prices.

Show me one "solution" that requires absolutely zero fossil fuels? Ethenol, nope. Wind Turbines, nope. PV panels, nope. Electric Cars, nope. Passive solar, nope.

With our continuous population growth, it sooner or later cancels out any gains. The US has a fit because China is trying to control their population. If you believe what they are doing is inhumane, wait until you see the end result of doing nothing. In the US, you are rewarded for being breeders. America, the land of denial.

John Andersen

I like to believe a sizable chunk of the population is smart enough to understand the big picture implications of all that is happening with our energy future.

They just don't talk about it in public because too many people will object or play the denial game.

So the smart people carry the weight of all of it around with them and do what they can quietly behind the scenes, i.e. vegetable gardening, stocking up on food, learning hands-on skills, etc.


"I like to believe a sizable chunk of the population is smart enough to understand the big picture implications of all that is happening with our energy future."

Mr. Anderson did you eat the blue pill?

Please. The majority of the populace is hopelessly lost in The Matrix. They haven't got a clue. Please Mr. Anderson take the red pill and see how stupid the American people are. The rabbit hole goes very deep into denial. BJ hit the nail on the head. There is no solution.


I am terribly sorry Mr. Andersen, but your own quote proves your opinion to be incorrect.

"I like to believe a sizable chunk of the population is smart enough to understand the big picture implications of all that is happening with energy future"

Instead of the term "energy future" replace it with "The Dot Com Bubble" or "The Housing Bubble".

John Andersen

No, I believe on an individual level Americans are smarter than many of you are giving them credit. Stupidity reveals itself at the group level. It's important not to confuse the two.

There are many reasonable people who understand and are reachable if only we know how to reach them.

Am I suggesting there are solutions to our predicaments?

No, I am not.

It's only that whatever future we do have will be much more meaningful if we connect with as many people as possible.


Mr. Anderson go back into the Matrix and scream you lungs out if that will make you happy, but for the most part the masses are asleep. Talk to friends, family and coworkers. Then get back to us with the results. Don't get me wrong I am backing you 100%, but when you get tired of hitting you head against the wall and being labeled a nut case come back and tell me of your experiences. I am all ears.


Dave, thanks to you and Nicole Foss et al, I know far too much already. My cup runneth over with deep knowledge. Whatever I may learn tomorrow is beyond requirement. God told Adam to steer clear of the 'tree of knowledge', and I'm begining to see why ignorance is not such a bad idea.
I am however comforted by a couple of things i have read of late: an australian/european couple were invited on a crocodile hunt by some aborigines. the white people took tents, cooking pots, lights, sleeping bags etc. The aborigines took a smouldering piece of wood, with which they made fire. they caught a goose and through it on the fire to cook, they slept by the fire to stay warm. the smoke kept the insects away........we don't need all the stuff we currently think is esential to life!!!
Then I read 'ecclesiastes': Solomon muses that the best we can do is to take pleasure in our work, be nice to one another, and dont work too hard or you might amass wealth, die, and someone else gets to enjoy it!
I'm thinking that whatever happens will happen, and I'll sit back and watch and do my best to look after my family...no one else is going to listen anyway!

Greg Hickey

Simmons was right about Saudi manipulation of reserve numbers. All of Opec for that matter, since it made economic sense for them to overstate reserves to be able to export more oil.
I am confident that the CIA has been aware of these things.
As far a politicians saying out loud that peak oil is reality. Never. The herd would shout them down. Carter tried to talk reality 30 years ago. Unless the timing is perfect, they lose their jobs.
But free enterprise, and business in aggregate usually sees reality. The recent oil price spreads being one sign that business "gets it".
Oil from Canada is holding the WTI price below world levels. As I stated in another comment on this site, I think this will give the U.S. a "comparative advantage", (to use an Adam Smith-ism) and give our economy a shot in the arm.
Peak oil is a reality. But economics function at the margins. Currencies are valued RELATIVE to each other and their relative value is what drive international trade flows.
The increasing scarcity of CHEAP oil/energy will tend to put a cap on growth. But as the situation evolves, I think the world will come to question the need for constant growth. Yes, this will pose problems for a debt-based system, but the big changes take time and as long as we don't all kill each other in the mean time,(pun intended) we will pull through.
Thanks to Dave for an excellent site, by the way!!

Random Blowhard

That the next Wall Street collapse, sometime between 2014-2015 will plunge the United States into a "Weimer" level economic implosion.

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