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Great minds think alike... ;-)


America in decline as BigCorp/BigGov, the Bankster Kleptocracy and the Military Industrial/Intelligence Complex take a little more away each day.

S. P.

What is interesting to me is just how robust and strong America was - it could absorb alot of hits without going down, and in many ways getting stronger.

But all those hits add up in time.

And there are some knockout punches coming: health care inflation/Medicare bankruptcy, failure to enact a cohesive strategy in Iraq/Afghanistan, inability to reform or reign in Wall Street, peak oil and lack of clear energy policy, inability to resolve illegal immigration, outsourcing of jobs and inability to solve structural unemployment, etc.

All of these hits will in my opinion finally knock out the U.S.

Could take awhile though. I'm 30 years old, I think it will happen in my lifetime, given I actually live long enough to see it.


Thank you Dave for another thoughtful post.


My dad, retired professor of sociology at BU and long-time friend of Howard Zinn, has been saying ever since the Gipper was elected that the right-wing agenda was to dismantle the safety net programs enacted by Roosevelt's New Deal and since, primarily Social Security, and return to an income and wealth distribution more in lines with that of the Gilded Age.

Well, I guess they've won.

Dr. C.

Once the frog has jumped out of the pot, it's still a frog, but it's no longer in the pot. It changes its destiny by changing its geography.

Once an American has jumped out of his/her pot, she/he is still an "American", but he/she is no longer in America. Jumping out of the pot, while not necessarily easy, is no mystery. It requires leaving the USA, behind, forever. Change moves forward, not back. There's no going back to the way things were, the idea that one can do so is a delusional fantasy. Besides, the "way things were" was was screwed up too, being the route to our current sorry state.

You want to/need to/have to get out of the pot? Well then, for you America is over and the sooner you come to grips with that and get the hell out, the better off you will be. I can tell you, once America is over for you, you might as well leave ASAP anyhow, because the place is barely worth putting up with when you want to be there. But don't expect it to be easy. For inspiration I can recommend Joe Bageant and a short story by Ursula Le Guin, "The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas".


I think it's fairly obvious where the US is headed... The only catch is that great portions of the world are headed the same way. Japan? Europe? I hear Malaysia is doing really well, and of course China has a reputation but I feel as uncertain about China as about the US. Canada is nice enough but it's also tied to the US very closely. Basically, we're getting boiled but the water is heating up in a lot of other places as well.

Environmentally, there is literally nowhere to jump. We're all frogs stuck in that pot.

John Andersen

Well put.

You've articulated a problem I've noticed but never put words to: the inability of apparently most Americans to grasp the long term trends and connect the dots. The critical thinking skills simply aren't there. For many people the foundation has never been laid in historical knowledge, and the ability to follow complex arguments.

Consequently, they live in the eternal present.

What is to be done?

Nothing, except trying to lay the foundation for young people growing up. How is that done? I would recommend a thorough grounding in history, literature, higher mathematics (through calculus), foreign languages, and the natural sciences. People who master those subjects arguably have a far greater chance of being able to connect the dots.


The earth is a frog in a pot. 2010 was warmest year globally. Arctic sea ice is at lowest area for the time of year:

and the Canadian Arctic is having very unusual weather:


Climate change is happening, but it's slow and not not equal around the world. So even now 50% of US voters don't get it.


We are in a time where the air is traveling at a speed that it solidifies, and the human spirit is rebirthing into a new realm of higher existence. There should be no fear, as we are being looked after by the source of all creation. The pot is boiling. It is the planet saying enough is enough. It is a time to connect oneself with the planet, and prepare for a new way of life, as the ancient peoples of long ago had prophesied.

There is nothing one can do at this juncture to stop the economic implosion that is about to occur. But it is the planetary changes that are taking place that will dwarf the economic woes presented upon this world. One should prepare for some very dark times ahead. One will have to look inward, and believe in the love of the human heart, for it will carry you into a world of incredible joy and peacefulness.

As the American empire collapses, as does the rest of the governments of the world, we should find peace with oneself knowing that the system of usury will be vanquished forever. Some humans will decide to change this reality from the greed and corruption, to one where there is no money, politics, or religion to stand in the way of the one thing that all humans are born with, and that my friends is true FREEDOM!


Lelli Kelly

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