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Ryan Wolfe

It's probably safer than eating some of that crap.

"A Comparison of the Effects of Three GM Corn Varieties on Mammalian Health"

John D

I remember 8-10 years ago on an episode of 'West Wing', the two candidates for President- Alan Alda and Jimmy Smits- went into the primary in Iowa to garner voters. Jimmy Smits came out for ethanol subsidies even though he admitted to an aide it was stupid. Alan Alda came out against the subsidies and was soundly rejected, although perceived as courageous. Things haven't changed much since then.


"They" definitely want a brain dead America, a populace who is incapable of thinking beyond the headlines. Many if not most Americans accept what they are told without question. I've made this comment elsewhere, 90% of Americans turn their brain off as soon as they hear the word "green." If someone said it is good for the environment, it must be. Corporations and businesses know this, and branded themselves as being "green" when their business by nature is harmful to the planet, which pretty much applies to any business, but that is too painful a reality for most American's to handle. Even towns are claiming to be green, while promoting growth, and as a result the consumption of more natural resources, often times very limited resources, and in some cases imaginary resources.

Viral e-mails circulate about huge oil deposits, they never give a thought to the cost of the gasoline produced from them, or the environmental impact.

The problem may simply be we are too overwhelmed to give thought to the details. After dealing with work and family, how much brain power is left to deal with everything else, on a global scale? Someone not too long ago told me information about the economy was nothing more than a merely a "distraction" of no consequence.

To go along with this, the presumption many make is, the "government" is looking out for and protecting us.


I suppose that if the first presidential primary were in Vermont then we would all be pouring maple syrup into our gas tanks. - Bill Maher

Bill Hicks

@John D - I remember when in the 1980 Presidential primaries, Republican John Anderson said while campaigning against Ronald Reagan that he would implement a 50 cent a gallon gasoline tax to curb consupmtion and make America less dependent on foreign oil. It was also considered a courageous stand--and it got him nowhere.

Anyone in politics who tries to promote the true national interest over narrow corporate interests doesn't last long. :(


Bill Hicks: Very true, that is the problem with a democracy, people will only vote for those who tell them what they want to hear, which is the ultimate downfall of democracy.


Even worse, by all accounts (and there are suspiciously few - who will fund the research?) the emissions of burning ethanol are significantly WORSE for human and vegetative health. As if regular old ozone from gasoline, diesel and coal emissions weren't bad enough, causing cancer, emphysema, asthma, other respiratory problems and now most recently linked to diabetes and autism - all epidemics - and causing crop yield losses measured in the billions of dollars annually - the precursors from ethanol such as elevated nitrous oxides and peroxyacetyl nitrates make for an even more virulent mix in the atmosphere.

Well before the adverse extreme weather from climate change destroys agriculture completely, we will have widespread famine and ecosystem collapse from the intolerable rising levels of background tropospheric ozone.

Well, I'm in Del Mar preparing to confront the Koch brothers in person this weekend at their conference in Rancho Mirage. We're starting to get some press!


We're going to do a reprise of the Washington Climate Zombie demonstration: http://witsendnj.blogspot.com/2010/10/wonkette.html

So if I never comment here again, you will know they threw me into a dungeon.

John D

@Bill Hicks: I was one of the few people who actually voted for John Anderson! His gas tax stand was one of the reasons.

developmental disabilities

There is also a connection of the fumes from ethanol fuel where they are more vapor toxic than regular oil as regular oil are subject to toxic removal when filtered.

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