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It's a sad state of affairs when the average family or student cannot afford to be educated, but then like Paul Simon sang in a song "when I think back on all the crap I learned in High School. It's a wonder I can think at all." If it weren't for all those college educated geniuses on Wall Street we wouldn't be in this mess.


Colleges likely fall under the category of too big, and important, to fail, and thus know the taxpayer will bail them out when the time comes. As I've mentioned, my local college system is spending millions of dollars on pushing through a higher education tax, and given the mind set of the average American, they will probably get it. Locally, they just passed two tax increases, one for education, so obviously some folks are still living in the bubble, and are believers. Of course, nearly a quarter of them work for the government, the bankrupt government.

It is all a scam when you realize something like only 40% of graduates get jobs in their area of study. The majority do not. How and why does studying basket weaving give you a leg up? The piece of paper has more value than the education. I should lie, as I don't believe they ever check, and say I have multiple degrees.

Many of the young people I meet don't even like to think about let alone talk about their student loans.

I was at a restaurant when I overheard one of the food preparers talking about how they had it all planned out, they were going to get $60,000 in student loans, so they could dedicate themselves to their education. Then when they got their degree, they would find a well paying job and pay it all off in a couple years. I'm quite sure the student loan people were very happy to allow them to keep their delusion, so they would be ensured a nice pay check.

Obviously something that is lacking in higher education is ethics, which become quite obvious when you look at Wall Street.


The sad thing is, I can see a lot of lower-middle-class parents whose houses might be all paid up putting themselves back into the mortgage sausage-grinder in order to send a child to college. The child might actually be better off inheriting a house which is thorougly paid for. Of course, considering the fact that fraudclosuregate is resulting in foreclosure being enacted on homes that are fully paid for, maybe even that won't matter.

The reason I'm such a doomer is because I believe that there is such a thing as karma, and when you look at our society, can an honest person name anything that makes it a society that deserves to survive *at* *all*????

Trident Online College

Obtaining a college degree IS indeed expensive if you take out loans, but I can't really equate that with being a "debt slave". After you get a job and make some money,yes there will be debt. However, once that debt is paid off you will be most likely be way ahead financially compared to someone without a degree (despite the debt). Nothing in life is easy; everything requires sacrifice and hard work.

Dr. Lou

The regional accredited school systems are way to expensive for the education they are delivering to students. The education system is rigged by the DOE and the Regional accrediting bodies so that students will be indebted to the Federal Goverment. Just graduate and find out what happens if you do not meet your payment obligations for your loans. The Federal Government owns you forever if you don't or can't pay back your student loans.

Do your homework and go to college by taking less expensive courses on line. The biggest problem that exists is the Regional accrediting body and the arrogance of the DOE by implication that it is the only accrediting body and the best. Elitist education at best! Go to vocation schools. The future is bleak for all educated graduates unless you work for the government or belong to a union.

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