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I love all the political posturing going on. Last month, they passed the latest round of stimulus, I mean tax cuts. Now they are wanting us to believe they don't really intend to spend the money, I mean not not collect the money, by pretending to block the increase in the debt ceiling. At this point, anyone who believes anything that comes out of the mouths in Washington should be sold multiple bridges in the middle of the Atacama Desert. Let Bernie out of jail, he can handle the details.

Lets face it, last month Washington voted to go another Trillion dollars in debt (remember they are always optimistic with revenue projections and conservative with expense projections (1,000 more troops on their way to Afghanistan)), this month they are like, No we didn't, or They did it, or They forced us too. Yes, this is the change we voted for.

Got to love democracy, where the voter always votes for the better liar. Yes, you too can have it all, just vote for me. Want more out of the Ponzi scheme we call government, social security, medicare, medicaid, or health care than you put into them, simply vote for me. Don't want to accept any more personal debt, no problem, vote for me, I'll print you some money for us all. Want to feel safe and secure as we turn other countries into war zones, no problem, I'll print trillions of dollars and pay for the flags that will cover the caskets of those brave souls to die in the name of freedom and democracy. Yes, vote for me.

At this point democrat = republican, two sides of the same coin. The bigger problem, the same power controllers in these two parties are fully in control of all new political parties promising real change, or should I say, more of the old.

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