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When I started reading your post I was planning to make the following comment, which as it turns out, substantiates what you later stated.

My personal spending has increased recently, I actually have discretionary income now. The reason being, I recently went on food stamps and stopped paying my credit cards and mortgage.

As a small business owner, this year was significantly worse than last year. The bottom fell out in June. Back in January, I thought I had survived the Great Recession, but I was wrong.

Other business owners report the same. Consumer Metrics Institute would appear to indicate there were many of us, at least for those selling online.


There are a lot of jobs out there, I know this, because I keep meeting people with 2-3 of them. Some have primary jobs that should more than cover their expenses, but they don't.

Some claim the spike in gas prices triggered the last recession, what will the current spike do?

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