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Be afraid, very afraid. Afraid of what you may ask? I don't care, as long as you are afraid, so THEY can come to our rescue. Americans, if not humans, love the bogeyman, we can't get enough of him.

Remember the good old days, when the Red Menace was the bogeyman? When that bogeyman was eliminated, a new one had to be created, pronto, less we not be controlled by fear. Yes, be afraid.

I was in the military back in the 1980s operating under terrorist threats, but at that time, the media and most Americans were only aware of the Red Menace. Even back then, you quickly learned you were expendable, of no value to the powers that be. At times I wasn't allowed to arm and protect myself, fearing I kill someone, even though I was told repeatedly I would be targeted, simply for being an American. In one foriegn country, I was being guarded by men with machine guns, but I was unarmed. This is who is protecting you, those who likely cannot protect themselves. Oh yes, the good old days.

Of course if we ended the war on terror, how many millions would become unemployed almost over night? The "war" will continue for at least as long as unemployment is high, or until cheap money dries up and no one values our Monopoly money.

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