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Dave, Thank you for bringing this up, this element of DOTE which I think is the most tragic and vomit-producing. I see our vets from time to time for head injuries, but many are psychically scared. This HBO special does some justice to this issue: "War Torn 1861-2010" (no link, need subscription).

But, we ravage innocent civilians of other counties as well. In this new documentary "The War You Don't See" by John Pilger (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6cJ9ca0ed64) I was appalled by the ratio of civilian deaths to military deaths looked at from WWI, WWI, Vietnam, and now Iraq.


Be afraid, very afraid. Afraid of what you may ask? I don't care, as long as you are afraid, so THEY can come to our rescue. Americans, if not humans, love the bogeyman, we can't get enough of him.

Remember the good old days, when the Red Menace was the bogeyman? When that bogeyman was eliminated, a new one had to be created, pronto, less we not be controlled by fear. Yes, be afraid.

I was in the military back in the 1980s operating under terrorist threats, but at that time, the media and most Americans were only aware of the Red Menace. Even back then, you quickly learned you were expendable, of no value to the powers that be. At times I wasn't allowed to arm and protect myself, fearing I kill someone, even though I was told repeatedly I would be targeted, simply for being an American. In one foriegn country, I was being guarded by men with machine guns, but I was unarmed. This is who is protecting you, those who likely cannot protect themselves. Oh yes, the good old days.

Of course if we ended the war on terror, how many millions would become unemployed almost over night? The "war" will continue for at least as long as unemployment is high, or until cheap money dries up and no one values our Monopoly money.

Tim Hammond

The purpose in Afghanistan has always been and continues to be the TAPI pipeline project expected to be completed in 2014. Does that date sound familiar? It should. For official background see http://tim-hammond.com/why

NATO is now training the Afghan Army to protect the pipeline which does not yet exist. Four major US military bases are now located along the planned route of the pipeline.

Enron was deeply involved early on before going belly up. Halliburton still is involved. Unocal abandoned the project in 1999 but China is now financing the project. Coincidentally, Hillary Clinton refers to China as our banker. How does a debtor nation respond to the wishes of their banker? Perhaps our insane commitment to a pipeline project in Afghanistan is even bigger than the insatiable profit motives of our military industrial complex.

Morocco Bama

Very good point, Tim. I've suggested that for years, but I've also observed that although that was the initial driving impetus for the campaign, the campaign is now even larger than that....and, of course, why not? There are many revenue streams and geopolitical strategies that have been grafted to the Afghanistan Occupation. For example, heroin. Let's face it, the CIA is the largest and most powerful drug cartel in the world and Afghanistan, post invasion, is the largest supplier of heroin....ostensibly right under the nose of the most powerful fighting force in the history of Civilization. I don't believe in a coincidence that preposterous, and neither should anyone else. War is sinister, and never for officially proclaimed ends stated. It's always about the spoils and those who execute are witting, or unwitting, mercenary pawns for the moneyed interests who stand to gain everything from their misdirected "sacrifice."


Just what I was thinking, Tim. Did you read, "Beyond the Rubicon" by Michael Ruppert? He lays it all out in his book... the game plan by the Neocons.

Concerning the lack of coverage of the protests: all I could think of was "China". It reminded me so much of China! Where did my country go?!


When I was a young mother the biggest threat I perceived to a habitable climate and stable society in the future for my children was Reagan's Star Wars plans and so I dragged my baby to all sorts of protests. One time RR made a campaign stop at the little neighboring town in our rural area, because he like the name - "Whitehouse." So I and my merry band of protesters brought our posters and signs to a field and sat in the center of the bleachers, comprising a goodly percentage of the audience, and listened politely to his speech. Then we went home, all excited to see the media coverage of our demonstration, because there were lots of cameras.

Every major channel in the NY metro area had panoramic footage of the rally, and every single one started to the right of our group, panned across the bleachers, the podium, and back to the bleachers, stopping just short of us and our signs.

That's when I learned that the media is owned by unscrupulous people.

Since then it was really fascinating to learn recently that after Star Wars was rendered obsolete by the fall of the Soviet Union, the same proponents of the project turned their jaundiced ambitions to found the George C. Marshall Institute where they honed the strategies of sowing doubt on science in the tobacco wars, before expanding their corrupt attention to denying climate change science which happens now to be, in poetic irony, the biggest threat I perceive to a habitable climate and stable society in the future for my children.

Morocco Bama

Tom, that was also an excellent link, and I appreciate the highlighting. It's pretty much right there, out in the open, for all to see.....but there are no eyes to see, unfortunately, or not nearly enough. I'm glad you brought up the part about China's function in the endeavor. The average Joe believes China and the U.S. are diametrically opposed. In otherwords, they have swallowed the propaganda, when in fact, the opposite is true. China and the U.S. may not be one and the same, but that day is not too far off. A globalized solution of governance is pragmatically being conjured and I believe it will look similar to the Feudalism of the past, only more bells and whistles. Here's an excellent article on the symbiosis inculcating between China and the U.S. China, I believe, is the experimental prototype for the eventually rolled out Corporate Feudalistic Global Governance Initiative.


"""The security cameras are just one part of a much broader high-tech surveillance and censorship program known in China as "Golden Shield." The end goal is to use the latest people-tracking technology — thoughtfully supplied by American giants like IBM, Honeywell and General Electric — to create an airtight consumer cocoon: a place where Visa cards, Adidas sneakers, China Mobile cellphones, McDonald's Happy Meals, Tsingtao beer and UPS delivery (to name just a few of the official sponsors of the Beijing Olympics) can be enjoyed under the unblinking eye of the state, without the threat of democracy breaking out. With political unrest on the rise across China, the government hopes to use the surveillance shield to identify and counteract dissent before it explodes into a mass movement like the one that grabbed the world's attention at Tiananmen Square.

Remember how we've always been told that free markets and free people go hand in hand? That was a lie. It turns out that the most efficient delivery system for capitalism is actually a communist-style police state, fortressed with American "homeland security" technologies, pumped up with "war on terror" rhetoric. And the global corporations currently earning superprofits from this social experiment are unlikely to be content if the lucrative new market remains confined to cities such as Shenzhen. Like everything else assembled in China with American parts, Police State 2.0 is ready for export to a neighborhood near you."""


I continue to think after this discussion that civilian deaths are the marker here for DOTE...in the documentary I placed above here are the numbers:

WWI: 10% of the dead were civilians
WWI: 50%
Vietnam: 70%
Iraq: 90%

"The killing of civilians and wilfully causing great suffering is a war crime" 4th Geneva Convention 1949.

Breaking this convention is a sign of a desperate people.

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