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Maybe they will have to breastfeed instead of feeding their kids expensive formula? If they are approaching the end of their 99 weeks, they got pregnant a little while into their unemployment, with few prospects of new jobs. Regardless, I don't think that millions of people that reach the end of their 99 weeks will let themselves be forgotten. If the european unions and students can come out in force, why wouldn't millions of hungry Americans? Where is their American sense of entitlement?

John D

These Republicans who think that everyone should for themselves should take a visit to South American and see what its like with poor people living in cardboard houses and begging on the street. Is that what they want for us? A civilized country needs a safety net.

Morocco Bama

I'll tell you what, Remi. I'm one of those 99ers, and I'm thankful for it. See, it has allowed me to reach further clarification on just what a scam this whole system is. I don't know your personal situation, but from the sounds of it, you are not a 99er. Is that a correct assumption? If so, good for you...or maybe not, we will see. Either way, on a spectrum of Feeding The Beast, where are you positioned....meaning, feeding it nothing, feeding it gobs full, or somewhere in between? If you have a nest egg you are protecting, you are closer to the latter, because until you divest yourself from Feeding the Beast, you serve to perpetuate its inimitable destruction of our species, all species, the earth at large, and the universe, if it could and had the time.

See, I'm using Ghandi-like tactics and refusing to give my lifeblood, my psyche, my spirit to this diabolical system. I am paying dearly, but it's the right thing to do, and if we all did it, and invested in each other in an informal, unconventional economy, we could bring this Beast to its knees. Fat chance, I know, but I'm doing my part.

Oh, and in case you're wondering. I'm a voluntarily divested CPA who has worked for a number of corporations for the past 20 years. It's dishonest work, and I refuse to engage in it any longer for that reason, and the reason I stated above. Are you capable of doing, and willing to do, the same? Do you want to join me on the front line you never imagined? Or, do you want to sneer down your upturned nose at me as you stand guard over what little you think you have left, when in fact, that little is already gone?


"Some people, many of whom serve in the Congress or work at the White House or do business Inside The Beltway, have no shame. They have no conscience. They feel no guilt. Those parts of their psyche are missing. These psychological components just don't exist in those Big Brains of theirs."
So what's the solution? Have government continue to support them and add to that national debt you talk about so much? I'm not blind or deaf to their plight, but you can't have it both ways. If your answer is: "We're in decline. There is nothing we can do. We're all screwed no matter what," then why bitch about it? Comments like, "what would (Jesus) Michelle Bachmann do?" do nothing but contribute to our cultural decline. Or do you think making snarky comments is in any way helpful?

Dave Cohen

Well, Steve --

Re: snarky comments -- I think it is helpful for people to know that their leaders are in many cases not psychologically fit to take out the garbage, let alone serve in the Congress. This explains a lot about what's going on in this country.

As for what I would have done regarding taxes and America's bankruptcy, I would have continued all unemployment insurance, I would have repealed ALL the Bush tax cuts, I would NOT have bailed out Wall Street, which would have been a good start toward redistributing the wealth in this country, I would end the war in Afghanistan and the occupation of Iraq, etc. The list is very long.

But none of this will happen, or can happen.

The paltry $56 billion plus -- I used to think that was lot of money -- that would be used to support the jobless is a relative drop in the bucket compared to the favors bestowed upon the predatory, parasitic Financial industry over just the last few years. They're making record bonuses again this year. This was and is the government's policy.

And yes, my answer is "we're in decline, there's nothing we can do." The evidence keeps pouring in that that's true. It's not a trickle -- it's a downpour of evidence. It's helpful for people to know that their corrupt government can not be counted on when it comes down to survival issues, which are what really count in the end. Living in a state of delusion -- ignorance is bliss -- is pleasant right up to the point when it's not. A large majority of people in this country still believe in Fairy Tales. Certainly almost all of the successful ones do.

If you don't like this blog, Steve, don't read it.

Morocco Bama

What culture is that, Steve? Is it the same culture that raped a once beautifully pristine land and turned it into a toxic wasteland? I'm all for the decline of that culture, Steve, but you somehow want to revive it? Not to mention, that's Glenn Beck talk....reviving "our culture." First off, let's define the "our," and then let's define this mythological "culture" to which Glenn refers.


Actually, I do like your blog. It has a lot of good food for thought and I enjoy reading different perspectives. I don't agree with everything, but hey, I'm not perfect. We may very well have long since passed the point of no return. So I take info like I find here and use what I can to improve my own part of the empire. I try to be civil (not always sucessfully...ie my previous post) to others.

@Morocco Bama - Thanks for pigeonholing me in an ill-fitting box. I'm not a listener to Glenn Beck, so I apologize if my using a phrase he uses set you off. By "culture" I suppose I meant civility and not name calling of people who just may see the warning signs but aren't psychologically fit to know what to do about it. (Not saying I'm a Bachmann supporter...I know next to nothing about her.)

Bill Hicks

Michelle Bachmann -- meet your future Secretary of Labor in the Palin administration. :(


I find it very irritating when "the greatest generation" squabbles about not having their lives back. Get a grip. Wages have not risen in this country for 35 years. The growth we saw was from the expansion of easy money. How did that work out for us???
Hopefully that era is over, so now its time for my generation to face reality. I know you baby boomers are so proud of yourselves and your once excessive lifestyles, but you will forever be remembered as the generation that left its kids one hell of a clusterf@ck. Thanks

Morocco Bama

JP, actually, the Greatest Generation was the generation that gave birth to the Baby Boomers, which kind of negates the generous description they have been given by Tom Brokaw, don't you think? Here's some Tom Brokaw:


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