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Morocco Bama

Nice analysis. I share the sentiments. It's rather predictable that they will choose what's behind curtain number three.


Come on Dave. You need to read Krugman's blog, he'll cheer you up:)


"Nothing lasts forever, and there are times when I listen to the demagogues and fanatics, and fear that America as we know it is slipping away. But there is a basic decency to this nation. And in the end, I believe and hope, that decency will continue to prevail."

At least we have a basic decency (unless you are a 99er).

James Altucher

Speaking of which, I refer you back to your July post:

I think my optimism has paid off.

And here's why I'm an optimist:

Morocco Bama

James, you're no optimist. You are the worst kind of pessimist.....one who sacrifices his time and energy to a system that destroys everything in its path.....and you seek to perpetuate the pain and misery resulting from this diabolical system for eternity. No, you're no optimist. The optimists are the ones who are predicting the collapse of this diabolical system and rather than lamenting that collapse, welcome it as a necessary step to something/anything better.

James Altucher

@Morocco, it must be very painful to feel the way that you do. Google is making a car that can drive by itself. Dendreon is making a vaccine to cure prostate cancer. Various companies are working on cures for Alzheimers, Hep C. Other companies are helping the biggest issue on the planet: the battle for clean water in developing countries.

Innovation is everywhere you look. But I understand the anger people are going thru during this crisis. Best of luck.


Morocco Bama

No anger here. Projection on your part, perhaps?

Luck? Luck has nothing to do with it, but I don't think that's what you meant, anyway.

You don' cure cancer, James, you create an environment where its chances of manifesting are slim to none. Everything you mentioned is just tail chasing and digging it deeper. Technology creates the problem then, after a significant lag and much suffering, creates an inadequate semi-solution to the problem it created but that new semi-solution has created another problem that also requires technology to provide an inadequate response....and so on, and so forth. How ridiculously wasteful, sadistic, ineffective, inefficient and unnecessarily complex. You call it innovation, I call it chasing your tail down an ever tightening spiral to the point where there are no more frankensteinish fixes and it's time to pay the piper, because the piper never forgets.

James Altucher

Hmm, I can't quite parse what you are saying. Technology is a semi-solution? I think a lot of lives are being helped. Is that tail chasing? I don't really understand. Forget the front pages of newspapers and look at whats really happening in science, entrepreneurship, innovation, all around the world right now. Place your bets there and you will win.

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