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Morocco Bama

Pretty soon, the U.S. will be indistinguishable from China. The U.S. is creating a convenient migratory workforce it can pull of the shelf when it needs it. In China they call the migrant workers "dust." That's fitting for the U.S. temporary workforce. Just as the the collapse of the Twin Towers created mountains of "dust," so too, is the collapsing of the U.S. economy creating mountains of "dust."


I'm expecting the U.S. to roll out the Execution Vans shortly. Talk about a speedy trial and sentencing. I love the comment to the following article. It's good to keep a sense of humor when facing such unfolding tragedy.


Soon, we will be worth more dead than alive. Our organs will be increasingly prized.


It reminds me of this absurd satire which, obviously, is no longer so absurd.



Sadly, these temps, along with the unemployed, are likely the segment of the population with the greatest need for food stamps, medicare and other social programs. Talk about feed-back loops. We are being forced to spend increasing amounts on programs that we can't afford to spend more on.

Morocco Bama

Sadly, Randy, they are you, and you are they, it's just a matter of time. And when your time comes, Randy, and it's coming soon, there won't be anything left to spend on you. Oh, and all the guns, ammo and gold in the world aren't going to make a hill of beans of difference.

Tony Weddle

Amazingly, US economic growth was revised up again, to 2.6%! And home sales continue to improve! There is no hope.



Actually, my time has already come so there's no waiting involved. Over 50 and unemployed. Doesn't get much better! I was/am better prepared than many if not most. Of course, you are familiar with Zero Hedge's "On a long enough timeline.....".

Morocco Bama

There is no preparing for what's to come because it could take many different forms. The key to survival will be flexibility, improvisation, creativity and lots of luck, and even that's no guarantee. If you're vested in anything right now, you are significantly undermining the aforementioned. And, in regards to Tyler Durden's cute saying....well, it's moronically simplistic...exactly what I would expect from a privileged, trust fund Ivy league asshole who enjoys running a disinformation blog.

Like Roxanne, we're going to have to put on the red light and sell our bodies to the night.



I agree with your view of our likely trajectory. I've never thought of Zero Hedge as a disinformation blog but to each his own opinion, it may very well be. Sorry you take offense at that saying- wasn't intended that way.

Morocco Bama

Randy, I tend to be skeptical of anything that's popular, and let's face it, Zero Hedge has created quite a following. Also, I appreciate Chuck Palahniuk's works and prose, and Fight Club is no exception. I take umbrage with Zero Hedge biting off Palahniuk's creativity. It irks me that a Wall Street, Ivy League Trust Fund brat fashions himself/herself an Anarchist. The wealthy inevitably endeavor to co-opt everything and anything, but it's folly for them to believe they can play Anarchy.

I think this one is more appropriate, and it puts a positive spin on the holocaust to come.

""""It's only after you've lost everything, that you're free to do anything."""

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