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Morocco Bama

Pretty soon, the U.S. will be indistinguishable from China. The U.S. is creating a convenient migratory workforce it can pull of the shelf when it needs it. In China they call the migrant workers "dust." That's fitting for the U.S. temporary workforce. Just as the the collapse of the Twin Towers created mountains of "dust," so too, is the collapsing of the U.S. economy creating mountains of "dust."


I'm expecting the U.S. to roll out the Execution Vans shortly. Talk about a speedy trial and sentencing. I love the comment to the following article. It's good to keep a sense of humor when facing such unfolding tragedy.


Soon, we will be worth more dead than alive. Our organs will be increasingly prized.


It reminds me of this absurd satire which, obviously, is no longer so absurd.


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