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Morocco Bama

A bucket? More like strap on a pair of "Oops, I Crapped My Pants" when you're reading Paula Reynolds' comments.


This part made me crap my pants, I laughed so hard.

"""I honestly think people are tired of the recession," said Paula Reynolds, 56, a photographer who was holiday shopping at Towson on a recent afternoon. "I think people are ready to move on, but I think they're being cautious."""

First of all, who are the "people" to whom she refers? She's so self-absorbed, and so isolated and sheltered in her privileged little world, that she believes the people with whom she interacts and cavorts every day, are the only people in this country, or on this planet. She speaks as though the "recession" is purely a voluntary strategy....a mere state of mind. Sorry, I can only laugh at that because I prefer it to crying...or vomiting.

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