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You have to hand it to the republicans, to the man or woman, they have courage and conviction. They are for the rich and proud of it.

Contrast that resolve to my dumbocrats, professing a love and affinity for the common man, while joining in with the repubs, and trying to latch onto the same corporate hind teats, drinking down the money milk of politics.

What a disgusting sight!

I predict that when Obummer gets back from his "let's hightail it out of here before blame goes around for the election debacle" Asia tour, if he doesn't come up with something quick for Main Street, he's out, finished, assigned to the dustbin of history.

The regular folks out here, jobless or about to be, are not going to tolerate this status quo much longer.

As the song goes,"po folks gonna rise up take what's their's."

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