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It just goes to show that just because someone is deemed a "wacko" doesn't mean they are wrong about everything. Even the liberal chew toys get some things right, but the duopoly and confirmation bias allows people to get emotionally riled up at the 'other side'--meanwhile neo-feudalism grows strong and the oligarch's rake in wealth and the peasants fight amongst themselves. It's amazing to me how many Republicans get so angry at welfare folks, meanwhile the multinationals and the government help make outsourcing labor globally easier and easier. The Dem's watch one youtube video of G. Beck acting like an idiot and just assume that all he says has no merit.

Sadly, people spend most of the time confirming their prejudices, biases, and opinions, very very few people actually challege their own belief systems. Cognitive dissonance is our friend not the enemy, being uncomfortable, or more mentally flexible is a stength not a weakness. The powers that be must be laughing all the way to the bank, as the peasants fight wars for them, and spend all their time fighting amongst themselves over who earned the scraps vs. who just is given the scraps by the gov't.

My father becomes blatantly irrational anytime Sarah Palin's name is even mentioned, getting riled up over another talking head-cult of personality figure is just a waste of energy. Carpe Diem' and enjoy the down curve of modernity, certainly isn't boring.


The sad part is also that because of comments like one ascribed to Palin in this essay, it helps build her popularity simply because the common person can relate to it. I would think that there are very few of us who have not seen prices rise for basic foodstuffs lately. Or, as you pointed out yesterday, a decrease in the commodity size when sold.


FYI, I read about product down-sizing in the WSJ.. and I haven't read the Journal for at least 6 years, so that's at least how long that strategy has been ravaging the pocketbooks of those shoppers who don't pay attention.

Today, what I see unusual in the supermarket is this; some of the sale price discounts are unusually large. I also see today that flatscreen makers are lowering prices thru the holiday season. While the list prices CPI monitors shows mild inflation, considering the deeply discounted goods one has to wonder if the dreaded D-word (the opposite of inflation) is not stealthing by, under the radar.


I remember picking up Glenn Beck's book and being surpised and actually kinda pleased to see a chapter on peak oil. I don't know if he still supports peak oil, but he sure did. I also find myself agreeing with libertarians on many things, and I supported Ron Paul at one time (some of his major policy ideas, such as the end of imperialistic war and the Fed, are very good, enough to outweigh my other concerns).

The left/right divide is just another tool for social control. Many ideas that are worthwhile won't ever make headway with either party. One idea I had to deal with inequality within the framework of capitalism was to set a ratio between highest and lowest paid in corporations (even 100:1 would be a huge improvement) - the structure of corporations is already determined by a complex set of laws, so it seems reasonable enough to me. Ideas like that, though, cannot be proposed and if proposed will be attacted as "destroying our freedom (to all the profits)".

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