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It just goes to show that just because someone is deemed a "wacko" doesn't mean they are wrong about everything. Even the liberal chew toys get some things right, but the duopoly and confirmation bias allows people to get emotionally riled up at the 'other side'--meanwhile neo-feudalism grows strong and the oligarch's rake in wealth and the peasants fight amongst themselves. It's amazing to me how many Republicans get so angry at welfare folks, meanwhile the multinationals and the government help make outsourcing labor globally easier and easier. The Dem's watch one youtube video of G. Beck acting like an idiot and just assume that all he says has no merit.

Sadly, people spend most of the time confirming their prejudices, biases, and opinions, very very few people actually challege their own belief systems. Cognitive dissonance is our friend not the enemy, being uncomfortable, or more mentally flexible is a stength not a weakness. The powers that be must be laughing all the way to the bank, as the peasants fight wars for them, and spend all their time fighting amongst themselves over who earned the scraps vs. who just is given the scraps by the gov't.

My father becomes blatantly irrational anytime Sarah Palin's name is even mentioned, getting riled up over another talking head-cult of personality figure is just a waste of energy. Carpe Diem' and enjoy the down curve of modernity, certainly isn't boring.

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