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So are you saying we are going to morph back to local oligarch's rather than multinational/global one's? We have seen what 'legislative' complexity has given us---a rigged system with the most influential/monied interests being able to pull the levers of power and blatantly ignore basic human rights/bill of rights etc. Most of the 'activists' get myopia or fight against other small groups who are axiomatic to their views, even though these other groups don't hold any real power either. Divide and conquer is an amazing strategy apparently--especially when marketing/propoganda is so good at using base limbic reactivity to create new tribalism be it via sports teams, political parties.

So does being more aware of how things really work, just make us voyeurs of economic collapse, guessing amongst ourselves how quickly the Titanic sinks or how long it stays afloat as more and more people drown each day? There is no utopia in the human condition, but Tyranny continues to gain momentum and large segments of the Dem's and Rep's support this in policy, if not in rhetoric. Most people aren't even very good at helping themselves, yet they want to tell everyone else how to live, and use force to do so, strong armed tactics from a distance.

So are there lifeboats available in some manner, or do we have to do a hard reset--while the top dogs don't want systemic change, and no have a military-techno tyranny able to cull the masses in addition to keeping them fearful, dumbed down, and distracted?

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