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This election for some reason (maybe I read your blog daily) has been particularly depressing. You mentioned the other day that you feel depressed (but pull out of it) and I've thought about that. You don't mention having kids, but I have 2 (9 and 7) and they force me to live a public fantasy life ("their world will be like mine", "I'll continue to earn and save for them") and a more private realistic world (Being 42, "I wish for a sudden collapse so I can help them"). If you have kids and are aware of what is going on, it is difficult to live outside this duality. The burdens of living in a declining society force long hours at work so that they don't have to goto a shitty school or live in a shitty neighborhood. At the same time, we need to spend more time together so that they can learn to be more from my wife and I as they can. At times though I look at them and think I should be tougher, teach them more skills, etc. I have them studying foreign languages so that they have places to go, etc. I have to say it becomes harder to envision where my kids will be in 20-30 years with each passing election - Prozac will not help this I fear.

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