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Tony Weddle

I'm almost speechless that these garbage numbers can be gleefully absorbed by national and international agencies, and everyone else who believes in magic.

Wake up, world! Please stop before we reach the cliff, rather than riding straight over it. Yes, it's amazing that 200,000 years of "intelligent" life has resulted in this kind of childish pissing game.

Don Dwiggins

This "pissing game" has gone on for many years. Among other things, it's given ASPO, TOD, etc. a major headache trying to find semi-realistic estimates for OPEC nations. Of course, that doesn't make it any less ludicrous.

I was intrigued by one clause in Al-Naimi's statement: "... continue supplying petroleum to the world for several long years and to exploit these reserves for the benefit of future generations"

More and more, we're hearing the Saudi spokesmen hinting about oil for future generations. This puts me much in mind of Jeffrey Brown's Export Land Model. I'm wondering what it would take for the Saudis to actually come out and announce that they're reducing exports in order to satisfy present and future domestic demand.

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