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I have money in an Ameriprise account. My wife is very unconvinced about DOTE. I tend to fall into agreement with her at times while living life, but I have difficulty refuting the data. My hope is that our cash stays afloat in some foreign land's bounty. Or that a sinking tide lowers all boats, but the US has the largest boat. Not sure what we should do otherwise?

As for conspiracy, I would agree to believe in one if it wouldn't take so much mental energy. As such, I think conspiracies exist because most of us don't have then energy to pursue the truth.

Jan W

Dave, you write: "Regarding imports, which subtract from GDP if they exceed exports, we can now see another reason why Timmy Geithner is so threatened by America's large trade deficit".

I am not an expert but I think this statement could be misleading or at least cloud the issue.

Imports do not subtract from GDP. However in the world of statistics (which you discuss here) the value of imports should not be included in GDP since they do not represent any production within the country.

You make it sound like the imports themselves and the trade deficit affect GDP. Of course you could extend the reasoning and propose that if the imported goods were not imported they would have been produced in the country.

At least that is the way I have understand it. (I might have misunderstood.)



There's all sorts of trickery going on. For instance, outsourced production is still counted as domestic...for TWO YEARS after its gone abroad. Inflation and unemployment figures are equally fraudulent. Since most people judge the state of the economy by way of their own personal experience of it, I am not sure why the regime keeps prevaricating....probably just a matter of automatic, bureaucratic reflex.

Jan W

Being a Swede I of course have no experience of statics officers in the USA. But, as for Sweden I am completely certain that Statistics Sweden do not manipulate any official statistics. I have worked with them although not being employed there.

Of course they do what they are officially told to do by the government. But that is all in the open. It is completely inconceivable that they would participate in some fraudulent behaviour in the actual production of official Swedish statistics, e.g manipulate the data.

Of, course I do not know how it is in the USA. Maybe USA is much more corrupt than Sweden. I have no opinion on that. I have read some of your statistics on un-employment. You may have views on how un-employment is defined, but that is not the same as to designate the statistics as fraudulent as long as everything is in the open.

You have to make a difference between views on the basis (definitions etc) of the production of the statistics and actual fraud in the statistics. That is not to say that dubious definitions could not give a misleading impression of the situation that the statistics should shed light on. Still I would not call that fraud.


Hey "Swede", keep drinking the fluoride, you're exactly the kind of robot that is in development and to be deployed world-wide.

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