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The "water crisis" strikes me as one of the biggest head-slapping farces out there. I live in Florida, and what I see is that there is plenty of water, if we didn't waste it on lawns and golf courses... Not only that, but if we adopted collecting rainwater like Bermuda we would never suffer. Of course, Florida also has a lot of agriculture, and that's a whole 'nother bag of worms.

Ultimately, it's a social problem. For example, in Florida there is a law that protects homeowners who xeriscape from their HOAs - but just try to sell that house, or see how happy your neighbors and the HOA are even if they can't legally stop you. The social pressure to keep that decorative lawn is very high.

I am willing to bet most of this issue could be solved fairly simply. In desert areas, there will always be water issues, but outside of them just not doing stupid things is enough to protect water resources. Of course, we can't count on people to act wisely...

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