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Jason Casper

Dave, Your posts are always an immediate read for me - keep them a comin'. Two burning areas I'd wish you touch on is ... I understand the purpose of your blog is to document the "Decline" of the US Empire. Am I right in assuming this? (1) What about the global prospects? I've been reading Project Censored's work where the world seems caught by a small band of elites that run the media, banks, corporation, intelligence, military, etc. In your experience what is your take on this line of thought? (2) Global Research almost daily puts out reports of imminent war in the Middle East certainly raising the threat of World War. Do you think this is a spastic result of the decline you describe? This prospect of war seems to me more of an immediate threat than financial collapse as war to the elites is more preferable than meekly suffering a long economic slow down. Thanks. Hope to hear from you on these.

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