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Claire Voiante

Excellent! I applaud you for this fine commentary and appreciate the astute observations. Admittedly Elizabeth Warren's presentation was a bit tortuos, but I endured...

I stumbled upon a politically inspired image that expresses the sentiment...


Edward  Boyle

Tracy Chapman "Talking bout a Revolution"


and Lyrics:


How long?

Chris in Chicago

Another great commentary.

Question 1 If american consumer spending accounts for 2/3 of the economy and corporations keep sending everything overseas to be made
and then sent back here to be purchased by the same 2/3 of the country that is making less and less money,are'nt corporations slowly killing there bussiness?

I believe it was Henry Ford who said he wanted all of his workers to make enough money so they could go buy his cars.

Question 2 Will americans ever demand products be made in america and stop shopping at the likes of wallmart?

Edward  Boyle

Maybe Europe and Japan have more income equality due to the history of war and revolution there so they are more careful to ensure social stability.

Americans will have to have a civil war or revolution based on poverty like in France or Russia before such an extreme system as has developed becomes tabu (like a strong currency is aboslutely necessary in Germany due to perceptiopn of inflation bringing down Weimar Republic for example). Maybe American system is more based on innovation, immigration and change. There are fewer stable markers on the landscape in terms of general culture. So change is just accepted. Move on to the next place or job (California, the Burbs, etc.) Microwave pizza is maybe ok in America whereas the french reject it. So technology or change to say credit cards and Wal Marts is ok to people. Americans accept all sorts of revolutionary change as normal. Maybe due to the radical technological changes in computers and transport and advertising all the things Elizabeth Warren notes were possible (medical care increasingly expensive due to technological "progress", credit cards possible due to computerization of banking, cheap goods from China due to containerization and globalization and Wal Mart. Exurbia due to cheap oil.)

I suppose that the middle class only came into being due to excess energy from Texas oil fields enabling cars and suburbia and everybody to have a house. Otherwise it would have been tenements forever. When Texas oil was most gone they had to buy it more expensively from the Arabs and USA went downhill from there.


This website sums it all up (http://americadeclines.com/). We used to be the maker of the worlds goods and services where people, local governments, local business all thrived due to the influx of money from people across the globe who wanted to buy what we made. We imported money and wealth and exported our goods/services. Now the same towns that used to be thriving when we 'made things' and had a middle class are npw dilapidated, the people who live there in poverty, and our money now flows overseas (transferring our wealth at an alarming rate to China, India, etc.). Yeah, outsourcing is good - what geniuses! But then again, if I were getting paid millions to say that like they are, I might too. Here is what America looked like before politicians allowed the raping of our country in exchange for campaign contributions from corporations. I hope our lost industrial might doesn't come back to us from a hostile country (remember - we won both WWI and WWII based on having a strong industrial base). No longer - perhaps if we get into a long/protracted war now, we can intimidate them with our insurance contracts or threaten to sue... Wake Up!

Retro Jordans

I have been trying to figure out if I like those shoes in the image or not, but I think the combination of animal print AND pink may be a little much for me. Nice shape to them, though.

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